August 16, 2022

On the ninth day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me was nine places to go if down if feeling glum for the holidays.
There is always home in a nice warm bed waiting.

A position;
where a hot meal is made,
if a home doesn’t have one in welcome.

Find where the music is and dance randomly the pain away.

Go where the memoires take away.

There are always of what dreams can do.

Traveling away and find away from the troubles.

Go be with a friend and spend time with.

To also,
a lover of closeness,
or a short lived moment for the bliss of it all!

Be alone and walk the path,
as the season of December washes over you,
taking it all in,
and after all that,
you may find as well,
what you are looking for in a place to go to.

On the tenth day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me was ten ornaments that I hang every year.

There near the top,
a bell that rings when something rushes by it,
a Santa in a worn out sleigh that is not far from a dradle that as faded from bold colors.

A short wrap of copper snowflakes cover the center of the tree,
as the mixture of lights bounce off them.

There not far is a maneki-neko or a beckoning cat as some English speakers would call it.

The polished crystal green Weihnachtsgurke or Christmas Pickle is hidden well and won’t be found until morning Christmas day.

Our Lady of Guadalupe statue is carefully placed at the top of the tree,
only having a small crack below the eye,
yet from the distance,
it looks like she is crying with a slight smile.

Small check list hangs off the side where the stockings go,
marking to things to after Christmas of where remaining things to those less fortunate.

Little badges are found now and then,
meaning sometimes escapes me,
but they fond memories.

A bag of coins also hid for they are for the end of the year,
in making wishes of the year,
which has yet to come.

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me was telling of the eleven things I don’t need,
to be happy.

loss of visualization,
and absentmindedness that holds one back,
but for only so long,
if one was to let it,
there is more than just those petty words to make life work.

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