Fusionater likes The Lone Ranger. No, not the old radio show. No, no, not the television show either. …Whats that? No, I’m not referring to the critically acclaimed comic book from a decade ago. No, afraid not. No, good ol’ Fus likes the big screen version from last year. …Yes, that one.

Now, I haven’t seen the movie that many seem to think is a true cinematic train wreck. I didn’t see it because…well…it looked just awful. I’m very tired of Johnny Depp and his silly hats. I also wasn’t fond of the way people told me the title character was depicted. From what I understand the Ranger himself is an incompetent oaf, carried through the adventure by Depp’s Tonto. On top of that I’m afraid I haven’t really been up for mindless action in the last year or so. While once upon a time I could appreciate something like Transformers or Man of Steel for what they were, explosions for explosions sake just don’t do it for me like they used to.

That said, I don’t see why Fusionater can’t like The Lone Ranger. Not everyone is going to agree on what is and what isn’t a quality film. Why, I’ve defended many a maligned feature film right here on Stop the Hate. I think people were too harsh on Green Lantern, which I found to be a light hearted superhero film in an age of moody costumed adventures. I thought The Godfather, part III was judged not as a stand alone movie but as the lesser of two great achievements in cinema. Superman Returns, The A-Team, Taken 2, The Incredible Hulk – all movies that the majority turn their noses up to while I enjoyed thoroughly.

In the end it doesn’t matter much what I thought of The Lone Ranger, or you, or any of the movies critics. If my friend Fusionater wants to sit back and enjoy the movie one reviewer called “a hot mess” than why not? He’s got good company. You know who else liked The Lone Ranger? None other than critical darling Quentin Tarantino. The Django Unchained director said, after watching the movie, “What, that’s the film that everybody says is crap? Seriously?”

In this day and age people tend to jump on the bandwagon more and more. It’s just taken as gospel that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the worst Indiana Jones movie, that the Star Wars prequels have no merit, that Batman & Robin is garbage. But those movies have fans, whose opinions are just as valid as those of the movies detractors. While many take comfort in the idea of something being, without question, bad, I take comfort knowing that the work of the actors and film crew entertained someone out there, even if it wasn’t the masses they hoped to please.

Unless we’re talking about Twilight. That’s just a heaping pile of shit and everyone knows it.

Happy Holidays, Fusionater!

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