Stay to the ground, level ground, and solid ground.

Look only to the sky to dream.

But never part of it.

Stay low, stay low, and stay low!

Got to stay the ground.

Go by boat or never travel far ever again.

Never go near that baby blue of death.

Stray from it.

No good will come from it.

Never leave the ground, only have the earth as crutch for the senses that will the body.

There is no point to go higher than that!


Don’t let that foe be a gypsy to anyone.

It for all a lie that that breaks it, the world below, so go higher.


Say it again, in front of that foe.

In full screams to never be near it.

Just a danger that only seems to get closer each passing day.

Another lie.

For it will be far away.


A distance nightmare, nothing more of that!

Let expanse be what keeps it at bay.

And the world’s ground be the home for many feet.



Aviophobia (Northern America) or Aviatophobia (Middle East) or Pteromerhanophobia (West and South areas of Europe)

Fear of Flying

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