For the last couple of weeks, I have been racking my brain on what to do for Moviefan12’s Secret Santa. It was little secret since he is in charge of the program and e-mailed me with who I was able to give a gift to. I have come up with nothing. I have worked with him and others enough times that we have covered most of Disney’s western outings, and the only thing historical that was suggested was Disney’s World War II shorts. Moviefan12 has already covered those quite well, and I saw no point in rehashing them.

As I searched for something to do, I wondered why it was bothering me so badly that I was missing my mark with each idea. This is where a spark of idea came in. It was bothering me because of how long I have been friends with Moviefan12. We go back to those old days in the forums of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. We have both evolved considerably since those early days, and we have both refined our styles. It is part of the reason I have struggled with this project. We have worked together often enough that it was hard to come up with an immediate idea.

So, I find myself just wishing my old friend Moviefan12 well. If you don’t know, I am cynical bastard with depression issues. I find very little in life that brings me happiness as I tend toward frustration. One of the real lights of my life is waking up and reading the virtuosity of my friend and seeing his spin on Disney, Storybrooke, or whatever strikes him to write about. Disney holds a very special place of nostalgia for me and I am often familiar with what he is writing about on some level. His fandom is refreshing and honest. He never pulls a punch where he thinks one’s deserved. This leads to something very interesting every day when I wake up. On the days he is too busy to write, I admit that I find myself missing out on the experience.

I applaud his boundless energy. I have often struggled to produce one video per week, and he produces an article nearly every day. (I tried for a time to produce a video and an article a week and couldn’t even achieve that.) He is dedicated to his craft. Many of his aspire to what he has already proved.

For all these things, I am grateful and I dedicate this blog to a great contributor, colleague, and friend. Tim, here is to you. May we have many more years of enjoying your work and enjoying each other’s company. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas.

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