Hey everyone, Chilton here with an update on a few things. So let’s start with the most important thing at the moment…

1. ABCs of Manic–Good news, everyone. I’ve gotten three shorts so far. Well, technically two since one of the guys has asked me to edit it for them. But that’s still three down, so that’s progress. The bad news is that someone had to drop out, and since OtherDude apparently left the site, his is either up in the air or he’s not doing it. Either way, those two spots are open if anyone wants to do a video for it. As such, I’m going to give some grace and extend the deadline to Saturday, February 14. Just don’t slack off…I’m watching you…

2. Reviews–After some thinking, I’ve decided that Media Blitz must, unfortunately, end. In fact, let’s just say it’s getting a…makeover…


The Media Blitz is now “Cinemania”. And I’m starting from scratch, which means the stuff I’ve already reviewed will get another look at some point. The first episode will be posted either late December or early January.

3. Other Projects–Not much to say here. The Christmas Q&A will be out later this month.  Hitlist is still going, slowly but surely. There will be a review this month. I’m also doing a blog called “Chilton’s Soapbox”, which is basically Doug Walker’s Editorial videos in written form. So stay tuned for that.

And that’s about it. So have a safe holiday season and take care.

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