Taps of a keyboard filled the room. Peaceful the strums were to walls, and a calm static of music played through stifle headphones. Eyes tired from lack of sleep, red lined the iris, that just dimmed arouse peak.

A lone lamp shines the room in a pale yellow glow, as the rich color walls bathed in it. Along with the flicker shadows from a twitchy foot, a bobbing head trying to stay up right, speedy fingers typing away.

With a sudden brightness outside the window, the shadows lower until the bright lights went away. The clacker of a door shutting broke through the music, having to spare a moment to press pause on the fast beats and remove the headphones not long after.

In soon, she waited.

Habit it was, nothing more of it, those fleeting memoires never seem far away to haunt their way back, into a full figure that can be fable less likely than a metaphor.

Fleeting memoires of when before, a rush of footsteps in anger would near, calling a name with a hiss. Another would a silent plague until a scythe of a knock upon the door would greet awareness.

Yet, it was nothing, but that quick of a door opening and shutting at the front of the house. Hush a whispers came not long after.

With a smooth move from sitting up without a creak echoing from the bed, she grabbed her crutch, in sheer laziness not to place on her leg and moved close to her gap opening door, listen, seeing the tall shadow of her parents’ eerie ways up like ghost.

“It was just awful.”

The first quick words spoken, that were able to be heard, but after that, everything that said, was nothing more than a blur of up class terminology at that point.

After about ten minutes, Kate was close in giving up eavesdropping and going back to type search, before hearing her mother speak.

“Will, I know if we could, we pack up and go, but we can’t . . . what happen here; honey we need to stay. There is no way around it. And you very well know it.”

There was a heavy sigh after that.

“Sometimes . . . maybe even just once, only once there was something different for us. Nothing else for as it is and was before. Things would be different and stay that way.”

They came in hopelessness but where followed with.

“I’m sure Katy would very much disagree with you there, Will, if she knew about this. Even now, I would put my foot down on this matter.”

Ending with a firm stead way of anticipate.

Not long, as the quietness took place in the house, Kate was called down for dinner. With a head up high and steady footing made her way down, acting just the same before her father came home. Ending the night for them, happily in peace enjoying the night with each other, just like any other day for them.

The end . . .?

It’s an open guess on what Kate is looking for and what her parents were talking about. Any ideas are welcome and will likely be added in the chapters for hints of this will go. So if you have a thought, comment below and let me know.

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