This latest session has left me the most pooped since it was really the hardest part for me. I got lost and then jumping levels from Hell came into being.

So let’s get started for today!

I started off with arriving on Kamino after crashing the Salvation. I will say that I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the beginning of this part. You really get the sensation that you are in a building that is falling apart.

I do a little jumping and get to a small cutscene where Starkiller talks to Kota. Kota is surprised and happy that Starkiller is alive and tells him where to go.

After that part I got confused where to go and found myself going in circles for around two years. I tried to find a walkthrough to tell my dumb ass where to go and that was a little less than useless. So I spent around five more minutes going in circles and yelling at whoever wasn’t making walkthroughs and I think I even insulted Starkiller a few times.

I never understood why people yelled at video game characters but now I know why.

I finally found where to continue and I was so damn happy. Especially when I got to fight enemies.

Nothing exciting happened except at a few pints.

At one point you keep running down a hallway outside and while that’s going on you get shot at by a few Tie Fighters. It happened first and I was going “WTF is going on?!” for two or four Tie Fighters. I’m sure I could’ve tried pulling them down with Force Grip but I ended up just using Force Lighting until they stopped flying by. I don’t know if using Force Lightning actually did damage, though.

The next hard section is a jumping section. What makes this jumping section so difficult? Some of the platforms have a force field that will come on and so you have to time jumping when the force field isn’t active or else you have the very high chance of being pushed off the platform. Then you have to start the Hell section again.

What makes the second of these sections so maddening is that it comes a few minutes after the first one. I’m surprised I didn’t explode due to frustration during these sections.

Luckily I ended my session with a giant brawl. I was able to use Force Rage a few times which just felt wonderful after the jumping sections.

For the plot aspect this time around: Starkiller decides to break off from the Rebels to try and rescue Juno. Kota tries to make Starkiller decide differently, but that doesn’t happen.
All of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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