Everything’s Okay

In her words,
she said everything was going to be okay.
I trust her,
enough in so,
I am begging them to be real.
I got to have trust in her.
As it was her choice in the matters that lead up to this,
as now she is out of a job,
already in look for another,
not once letting past get the best of her future.
I ask if I can help in some ways.
She replies;
I have enough on my plate.
Anything more,
than her anchor would break,
so now I can only stand on the side lines.
I don’t want to.
But if I step out,
it would mean I have no faith in her,
but again I do.
I so very do in her.
But has how life been so far.
Not fair in many ways.
None that make any lick of sense,
not anymore!
But now we’re both on the same boat,
just trying to get by,
little what we can.
I’ll again to help,
from the sidelines,
sadly I’ll be ignore for it.
She’ll say again,
that everything is okay.
We won’t lose anything from it;
we’ll gain from the loss,
but for how long,
until it is a no longer laughing matter?
Everything’s okay.
For a moment now,
but for how long,
until saying for help,
is a sign of weakness?

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