2014 draws to a close, and with it the first complete year of the 8th console generation. Time to evaluate how this year’s interactive entertainment fared.

Once again I’m accepting nominations for our site’s own game of the year awards. What did you play this year that really blew you away? What do you think other gamers should pick up for a great experience? Make your voice heard. Just write up a few sentences (no more than 2 paragraphs) discussing your favorite title of 2014 and why you’ve selected it. At the end of December, all the nominations will be revealed, and if any get a majority pick, it will be Manic Expression’s official game of 2014.

However, I want to do things differently this year. You can’t appreciate the good in life without something horrible to compare it to. So I’ll also be taking nominations for the worst game of 2014. Same rules apply – a quick explanation about what game disappointed you the most or was so badly presented you hated it. This will be fun. 😉


Nominations are open until midnight December 31. Cast your votes by posting a reply here, sending a direct message, or e-mailing me at jbevan70@gmail.com . I look forward to seeing what everyone picks.

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