This is a dabble of a thought of a famous old tale about Hades and Persephone. Told in by the latter of this fable after everything has happen. Your take on this may differ from mine, but that’s where the fun of it comes for it. With that, enjoy the read.

Souls of evil or none, float as a cold river. Lost in waiting where a new start will happen for them. But for them, too simple ask for it, will never happen. Freedom to start over again, must be earned, not just by the keeper of death, but also oneself.

One would find those words, said by, an immortal god, would be most likely crap their pants. To find that this god, has a kind side, but not many give a chance for it, to be seen. With eyes of the breathers and none, must give that risk, not has a death wish, but a sign of hope.

Yes, that is hard to say of a dark god, such as Hades. Even for someone, such as me, a goddess, who at first was against her will to be with him. Sicken at thoughts of forever being with him, plague one’s mind into submission.

With thoughts of freedom also finding ways when he was never around. The ideal thought of ending his life when resting for short moments, always seem to escape from my grasp. For soon, I founded myself with a heart leading another that was lace to be cold, black, unbeaten, lonely heart.

Blinding eating the seeds that had now trap, I, Persephone forever is at his side. With no regrets. Even with a crying mother waiting for, when my time ended beneath the hard soil. But once leaving with happiness, now leaving in deplore of missing my love.

Hear me again, for if you missed. I called him my love and forever he will be. And I say it with a smile. For that ungodly man, change my heart, not for the worst, but for the better. Opening my eyes, far better than my mother or any other could. Hades had made me grow up into the proud queen he always wanted.

The End.

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