T is for justly Time moments, in where smiles can be grace, in gentleness of it all, means worlds.

H comes from Home the words spill, easy like a cold drink, but seen with care that it comes, half full but far from empty.

A can be taken since Associate that goes from a dream spell tale to realize optical story, a shine beyond what other thinks.

N forms a Null of worth that is deeper than what other think, even if others can’t just see it as is.

K is the Kinks that come and go, but no doubt add character where others will disagree on.

F becomes the Falsehood of speech, some will hide, but show in many ways beside by voice, they care.

U is the Upraise about there is more within, than just skin deep, breaks walls of improvement.

L chooses to be nothing more than Lubency that so some is little, but is really a marble world held close to the heart, be sure to notice that.

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