Unfortunately the turkey became sentient and started shooting lasers into the crowd.
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Keeping the annual tradition of What I’m Thankful and Not Thankful For this past year. Since I will be working on Thanksgiving, I thought I would get this out a little earlier. Re: my political rants, and I have been meaning to write about a lot of these subjects as their own blog, but just didn’t quite have the energy to do so, trying to write a political blog without shooting yourself in the foot is hard work. Well hopefully you’ll see these as a nice alternative.

I’m Thankful For The LEGO Movie

I’m Not Thankful For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)


I’m Thankful for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m Not Thankful for having to wait years before there is a female-led mainstream superhero film


I’m Thankful for the twist in Gone Girl taking me by complete surprise (Didn’t read the novel)

I’m Not Thankful for no real twist put into The Amazing Spider-Man 2


I’m Thankful for Interstellar giving me the best IMAX experience I’ve had since Avatar and having some of the best visuals I’ve seen in years

I’m Not Thankful for the film not quite being that subtle


I’m Thankful for both Interstellar and Big Hero 6 having largely positive messages about people who pursue science.

I’m Not Thankful for those in society still treating science as like the boogeyman, especially when it comes to climate and impacting the environment in general. I guess we should just ignore the drought California is going through, spills that have been happening across the nation or politicians being paid off by corporate interests to deregulate environmental protection, push laws to tear up national parks and build a very bothersome oil pipeline. *rant over*


I’m Thankful for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I’m Not Thankful for not enough people watching it


I’m Thankful for Steven Universe

I’m Not Thankful for Dish Network closing off people from seeing such a great show


I’m Thankful for Legend of Korra Books 3 and 4 making up for the disappointing Book 2

I’m Not Thankful for Nickelodeon fucking the show over by making them exclusively online.

Also Not Thankful: Nick screwing over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) for making the brilliant decision of having the last episodes of Season 2 online almost a week before they aired on TV


I’m Thankful for John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight taking off, especially his segment on Net Neturality

I’m Not Thankful for no longer having HBO


I’m Thankful for Netflix

I’m Not Thankful for when something gets removed from Netflix before I had the chance to watch it. Also I’m a big procrastinator, haven’t watched much in the past couple of months.


I’m Thankful for “Too Many Cooks”

I’m Not Thankful for “Too Many Cooks”


I’m Thankful for Bayonetta 2 and the new Super Smash Bros.

I’m Not Thankful for Other big releases coming out in very unpolished states (See Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Unity).


I’m Thankful for Xbox One seemingly finding their footing, as much as the PS4 is superior, it’s nice to have healthy competition.

I’m Not Thankful for fanboy comments, fanboy comments everywhere.


I’m Thankful for finishing The Last of Us

I’m Not Thankful for wasting my time on Advent Rising


I’m Thankful for Still being able to enjoy playing video games.

I’m Not Thankful for #Gamergate. For being so diverse of a movement (I won’t doubt with the whole #NotYourShield thing) it keeps on pushing anti-feminist agendas and has little to no understanding about gender politics or even how journalism works.



I’m Not Thankful for humanity thinking Kim Kardashian showing off her bum was bigger deal.

Also #Shirtgate. The reaction to the scientist’s shirt might be a little overblown, but he still apologized for it (Though some say “he was bullied into it”). I really am sick of those that treat people being upset by a T-shirt like it’s the complete reason why Feminism is dead. Sorry but there is a big difference between when a woman dresses sexily and when a piece of art does, the latter doesn’t speak. The fact a woman made the shirt doesn’t really change that much, Bayonetta was designed by a woman but does that make the character’s design exempt from criticism? Not really.


I’m Thankful for Butts, and people who are comfortable flaunting them.

I’m Not Thankful for how media and misogynistic scumbags treat people for the basis of having big butts.

Also Not Thankful For (But not as much) Having earworms as a side-effect from listening to butt songs. Yes, I know you’re “All About That Bass.”


I’m Thankful for progressive policies like gay marriage and better pay being more accepted by the public.

I’m Not Thankful for regressive politicians somehow being elected back to office. I get the strong feeling it wasn’t completely the American public’s fault with all the talk of gerrymandering and trying to push Voter ID laws.


I’m Thankful for soldiers not being sent out to war.

I’m Not Thankful for the fact we’re sending drones instead. Drone strikes are still warfare.


I’m Thankful for the situation in Ferguson showing awareness police brutality and abuse of force, especially towards minorities and violating the press’ first amendment rights.

I’m Not Thankful for the abuses still happening period. As well as those who still defend abuses of authority and call any Ferguson resident who protests it thugs, even those who don’t even incite violence. Also the fact Darren Wilson didn’t get questioned for his unlawful execution of Michael Brown sooner. Yes, I said unlawful execution, by many accounts there was no reason for Brown to have been shot to death.


I’m Thankful for having a well-paying job

I’m Not Thankful for not knowing whether or not I’m really doing good at it


I’m Thankful for writing much more fun CALLING OUT HATERS rants

I’m Not Thankful for maybe not calling out as much haters as I really should


Happy Thanksgiving, and hopefully the turkey you consume doesn’t bite.


End of Rant

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