(I apologize for this one being incredibly short. I didn’t have much to talk about with this review.)


Sometimes I wonder where people get ideas for fanfiction. Most of the time all I’m exposed to always ends up with some romance or random acts of violence. With MLP fanfics, when you get the violent ones, they usually end up being rather bizarre and I somehow always find one story. Today’s happens to be one called Kentucky Fried Pony.


The Mane Six are eating Chicken and Apple Pie at Sweet Apple Acres. They eventually get tried after eating so much and they all eventually fall asleep, aside from Applejack and Granny Smith. They then put their bodies in the kitchen and Applejack starts to chop their heads off one by one, except for Rarity. She then wakes her up and then cuts her throat and then proceeds to put use all of their parts into to food items to be feed to some other ponies. (The main reason Rarity was last was because she didn’t eat the chicken and it got Applejack upset at her.)


The whole idea of using ponies to make food and various other things out of them is not very new at all. It has been used time and time again in many of the MLP Creepypastas like Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Rarity’s New Dress, the list will just never end. With ponies being made into food, it just reminded me too much of Sweeney Todd Except not as enjoyable…or good. So it basically wasn’t very originally in the story factor and is very predictable.


I have to admit, Applejack does not seem to be the character that would be psychotic in any way. Some of the other characters (mainly Pinkie Pie and Rarity) I can imagine being able to turn in that direction, but Applejack just seems too friendly for that to ever happen. Granny Smith, Applebloom, and Big Mac don’t do much in the story and they barely show up until the killing, but it is assumed that they are assisting Applejack with her plan. They don’t get much dialogue in it (if any at all) so you’ll assume that they aren’t actually there.
One minor thing I can say about it is that it’s less than a thousand words and is put into only two paragraphs. So it’s a really quick read for anyone. I guess that can be considered a good thing about it, even though it would be the only good thing about this fanfic.

Overall, this was a bad fanfic. It completely lacks any original content, I didn’thave any real interest in it, and it just seemed like a waste of time to find and read.


Title Card by Kane Fletcher: jarvisrama99.deviantart.com

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