Basket glory,
to what it means,
is in someone who is a deeper thinker,
but comes off rash and dumb.

In many ways,
gets in trouble but saves a life,
void of anything but that,
just one,
simple goal.

Shocking it is,
daring but dumb,
but can we hate or even dislike a person,
like this for the two come hand in hand,
scary of the thought,
but oh so very true.

Name one person,
who is brave in many regards,
but at times,
you worry for the stupid,
sheer stupid things they do,
because they thought,
everything before was in the wrong,
and they were in the right.

If you do have that person,
you are no different from them,
for in many ways,
you are the same,
but think in different matters.

So normal in that,
but also,
it’s not.

Keep as it is,
a basket glory has a hidden meaning,
look hard enough,
and you’ll understand what it means.

When I understood,
I was too late,
and that person made a right that was wrong,
and now gone.

Death was away on a trip,
lucky so,
but the troubles only follow and grew,
resting deeply in the basket.

With the glory just a sliver away from opening the basket,
a free bird goes,
where off to,
is hard to say.

But it’s free,
basket glory behind and nothing,
but an evaporation memory,
that no one remembers,
unless they were there.

The glory comes in a basket,
are you able to carry where it needs,
to be?

-Side Note-

8 openings left on the Thanksgiving poem, just need what you are less thankful for. Due date 11/27. PM me!

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