How to say this now,
for in awhile,
nothing has been heard from him . . .
a shame.

But to know now,
he was very good at his craft,
in uncomplicated words at most,
but very fun.

Short lived and gone elsewhere,
if he is still here,
I hope he hear this.

For someone who reviews the shit out horror shit,
is a talent,
very common some would say,
but his way,
and just as so makes it’s a rare sight.

Even with just a low number a episodes from it,
he has what other envy or understand why he does it.

this poem might be short,
but know it means much in telling how good of a reviewer you.

With that,
everyone good day,
for now . . .
as I will be back!

Just like GR@Y!

-Side Note-

14 openings left on the Thanksgiving poem, just need what you are less thankful for. Due date 11/27. PM me!

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