Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. And if you are wondering, where the Poll Results are. Well, chalk that up to being a failed experiment. So, we won’t be doing that anymore. Now, I’ll still include the Polls for you to vote on as I love hearing your opinions but the whole Music Fridays thing is no more with the polls. Today, instead we turn to one of my favorite Disney songs that was originally cut from Aladdin and well, be taking a look at some different versions of it. This is Proud of Your Boy.



Proud of Your Boy Demo

The first time I heard the demo of this song, I was in tears. This is one of the most heartbreaking songs ever and my heart just breaks hearing Aladdin put himself down like that but this is something that I think any child can relate to as we want our parents to be proud of his but there is always that lingering fear that our effort isn’t just enough and we will never measure up

Proud Of Your Boy – Clay Aiken


For one of the DVD re releases of Aladdin, Clay Aiken did a cover of Proud of Your Boy and he does quite a good job. His voice really seems to suit the song quite well and it is just such a fantastic listen hearing him sing it.

Proud of Your Boy (Broadway)


In the new Broadway musical, Proud of Your Boy was worked back into the story and Adam Jacobs (Aladdin on Broadway really sells it and delivers what is in my opinion one of the best performances of this song out there. This song hits on all of the right notes that you need to sell this song to understand that Aladdin doesn’t believe he will ever be the perfect child that he expects his parents want him to be.

Proud of Your Boy (Reprise (Broadway)


I like this short little reprise as you hear Aladdin come clean and knows that his parents wouldn’t be happy with the decisions that he has made and that he needs to change. And it’s just sad how much, he keeps putting himself down but he knows that his mother wouldn’t be proud of what he has done to be with Jasmine.

Proud of Your Boy (In Studio ) With Alan Menken

Our last version is once Adam Jacobs but stripped down to just being in studio with Alan Menken on piano playing the instrumental as he sings along. And just like the Broadway version, Jacobs’ vocals are what sell me on this song being so beautiful and working so well as you feel every line, he is singing.

There you have it, my look at different versions of one of my all time favorite Disney songs. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this Music Fridays and which version was your favorite. Let me know in the comments, peace!


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