I…honestly don’t remember what prompted me to make this one.

I guess that I heard Madonna’s Like a Virgin and wondered if I could make a mashup of it in a minor key. And, of all of the songs that I could think of that would fit, I chose Wherever I May Roam by Metallica. Again, I don’t remember why. It could be that I wanted to juxtapose two musical juggernauts from the 1980s that are still going, but the real reason was probably a lot dumber.

It actually turned out that they did not quite match up in terms of pitch or tempo, so I had to do quite a bit of tinkering. This resulted in Madonna’s vocals being a little tinny and broken up, which may have been the reason why they are a little lower in the mix than they probably should have been. Also, I probably should not have started the fade out so ridiculously early in the song. But, there you go.


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