As the questions add on,
we can only tell by sight alone,
we are in the long run of this,
when voice ask of what is the last film you saw?
In simple task,
of just plain nostalgia;
it was Scooby Doo on Zombie Island,
for it was the film that tired.

After that it would time to set sail,
for who knows when some speak of only if you could live anywhere in the world,
where would you live?
In a blink,
I couldn’t say,
but after some thinking,
there is this underground cove that is just in view of the sea at Hawaii,
maybe move there and become the hermit I always wanted to be,
safe away in the outskirts of my home town,
the life.

Time for a sweet dream of a question,
for that’s it is going to be,
if you became a multi-millionaire overnight,
what would you buy?
Childish really,
for my inner child could never stop shouting for it as they screamed;
a warrant to get a life time of pizza and that just saved the rest . . .
because I am a cheap she-bastard in my own devil warp mind . . .
10,000 every month would go out to a different charity till I die,
but that is far of kindness any petty,
heartless jerk will get out me,

Just for that,
you would ask this,
wouldn’t you?
Into tell me something you that most don’t know.
Well that is just a loaded question to ask . . .
um . . .
when it comes to writing it is all base on thing I have went through,
have yet,
and stretch the truth to make it easy to swallow down for me and to write about to others;
that will hopefully recognize later in life,
besides that,
there is nothing else.

But in so,
going farther deeper in details to come,
if someone,
was to if asking,
if you could change one thing about the world,
regardless of guilt or politics,
what would you do?
In trickiness,
of this question,
how in so in answering,
it would be history,
extensive in some doubts,
but here out that it would not much as other would say others wise that we need it,
but without the memory of it,
would be the hatred that came forth from it,
as the changes happen?
In this,
America became its own country without having the harsh,
linger and unneeded strain with England,
or the Cold War,
and many others in mind . . .
about that kind train of contemplation comes to mind,

Let the chances of being silly comes now,
in inquiring do you like to dance?
It would only depend on the music,
You can or you can’t,
but do you care what others think on the footing goes from there.

Another at times,
when people will pose on would you ever consider living abroad?
Living a hermit at times could be nice and never living on place,
but if it meant,
to just get away from everything,
for just a small breather,
even for just a short time,
I would.

In affairs of knowing,
for fun at least,
does your name make any interesting anagrams?
Never on my short name,
no . . .
my full name with nicknames added,
oh yeah they do,
with ranges of all kinds to go with it.

Funny enough;
to respond of what is to invite in question,
of who made the last incoming call on your phone?
To that,
it is funny as it was,
the pizza joint that called,
to make sure I was the one,
who didn’t like getting garlic butter . . .
as I don’t like it and it has,
unflattering side affects when eating it,
so to that,
I am always glad they remember.

~Side Notes~

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