Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to talk about time travel. Science Fiction is replete with great stories involving travel through the 4th Dimension, and a lot of TV Shows and Films have capitalized on this intriguing concept. Today, I want to look at the devices/vehicles used in the stories to travel through time. Some are large, some are small, but all are awesome equipment that I’d love to own, myself. So, here are my top 12 favorite time travel devices.
Why 12? Because I like to go one step beyond one step beyond.


Warning: Some Spoilers and cool time travel tech ahead….


12.  The Timejump Equipment-Men in Black III(2012)

This hand held device uses time-fluid to complete a time circuit to travel through time forwards or backwards. However, you have to reach maximum velocity in free-fall for it to work, so you need a high building to jump off in order to use it(Hence, “Time Jump” ) so you’re limited to how far back in time you could go and still return.


11.  The Quantum Leap Accelerator-Quantum Leap(1989-93) 

This machine sends Dr. Samuel Beckett(Scott Bakula) back in time within his own lifespan. However, there’s a catch-He leaps into other people’s bodies to make the trip and he can’t get out of the cycle, leaping into lifetime after lifetime hoping that the next leap will be the leap home. Yeah, neat concept, but if I travel through time, I want to be myself LOL!


10.  The Time Machine-The Time Machine(1960)

Based on the machine described by H.G. Wells(who invented the concept of a time travel machine in science fiction) this is a one-seat, one pilot contraption to travel through time forward and backwards. It’s limitation is you can’t bring a friend along for the ride.


9.  The Omni-Voyagers!(1982-83)

A nifty time-traveling device that fits easily in the palm of your hand. Resembling a fob watch, you can manipulate the dials to go anywhere on Planet Earth at any point in history. It also has 2 indicator lights to let you know if history needs to be put back right and to let you know you’ve succeeded. It’s limitation is you can only travel on Earth and only with as many friends as you can hold onto, and the landings are pretty rough, too.


8.  The Vortex Manipulator-Doctor Who(2007-2014)

This wrist-mounted device manipulates the Time Vortex to travel anyplace at any time. It’s limitations are power supply which is limited, and you can only bring along as many friends as you can hold onto.


7.  The Atavachron-Star Trek TOS-“All Our Yesterdays”(1969)

On the planet Sarpeidon, the populace fled into its past through this machine to avoid destruction from the impending supernova of their sun, Beta Niobe. Using a library of discs that show various points in their history, you’d select where/when you wanted to go and step through the portal and the Atavachron would prepare you for your journey and send you back in time. It’s limitations are it only works for one planet-Sarpeidon.


6.  The Guardian of Forever-Star Trek TOS-“The Guardian of Forever”(1966)

The last remnant of a civilization long vanished, The Guardian of Forever is a structure resembling a large stone bagel who can show any point in history any part of the Universe. You can then leap through it to arrive at your destination in space and time. The disadvantage to it, is you have to time your leap, as the Guardian can’t freeze a moment for you and if you mis-time it, you’ll miss your target by centuries.


5. “Doc” Brown’s Dolorean-Back to the Future(1985)


“If you’re going to build a time machine out of a car, you might as well do it with style!” And this beauty certainly qualifies. Using the plutonium chamber to power the flux capacitor to manipulate the time circuits, all you need to do is travel 88 miles per hour to travel forwards or backwards in time. Eventually this was refitted with a Mr. Fusion power generator and flying circuits in the future. It’s a sweet ride and can seat 3. It’s limitations are distance, as you can only travel in space as far as the car will take you.


4.  The Starship Enterprise-Star Trek TOS-“Tomorrow is Yesterday, The Naked Time”(1966)

The Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 had its share of time traveling adventures. In “The Naked Time,” Scotty(James Doohan) Discovers a way to make a time warp from a cold-fusion start of the engines when the Enterprise is plummeting into a planet’s atmosphere. In “Tomorrow is Yesterday,” The Enterprise is accidentally sent back in time from colliding with a black star, and uses a slingshot around the Sun to create a time warp to get back to the 23rd century. She’s the pride of Starfleet and can hold a crew of over 300 and many expendable ones in red shirts.


3.  The HMS Bounty(Klingon Bird of Prey)-Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home(1986)

Using the time warp calculations for a slingshot around the sun, Admiral Kirk and the crew of the late Starship Enterprise use this captured Klingon Bird of Prey to go back in time to the year 1986 to bring 2 humpback whales back to the 23rd Century to answer the question of an Alien Probe that’s destroying the Earth. She’s spacious enough to accommodate a whale tank for 2 and a dozen officers and can go Warp 8.


2.  The Phone Booth-Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure(1989) 

A time machine cleverly disguised as a telephone booth, this vehicle utilizes the circuits of time to travel anywhere on Earth at any point in history. It’s drawbacks are the time circuit operator is sometimes busy, and you can only take along as many friends as you can cram into a telephone booth(And I’m pretty sure they cheated stuffing Socrates, Freud, Beethoven, Lincoln, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Billy the Kid and Napoleon at the same time with Bill & Ted, but I digress…)


And my #1 favorite time traveling device in science fiction is…


1.  The TARDIS-Doctor Who(1963-the present)  

Was there any doubt? I didn’t think so LOL! The Type 40 TARDIS(Time And Relative Dimension In Space) manufactured on Planet Gallifrey in the constellation Kastarborous by the Timelords is the ultimate in time travel vehicles. Using the power of the Eye of Harmony to manipulate the Time Vortex, She can travel anywhere to anywhen. She also happens to be bigger on the inside(nearly infinite in size) than on the outside. These features make her the best time travel vehicle since you can take it any point in space and time, and bring as many friends as you’d like with you on the adventure.


And so that’s my top 12 favorite time travel devices in science fiction.  Did I miss one of yours?  I’d love to hear what your favorites are, my friends.  Peace.

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