In looking at a media like movies,
it is an adventure to many.

A quest;
in find enjoyment in moving pictures,
that defines a breaking points only one’s mind will see.

Maybe close in defining oneself.

Sounds a bit over top and full on crap,
fitting if you don’t over think it.

Just follow the map’s trail.

Defuse the traps and bombs.

Solve the puzzles.

Survive it all.

And get the gold.

To that,
I find a movie review like,
all the fun to watch.

At times we never his journeys into this,
but only a tall tale full of honesty after it all has ended.

At times,
his maps will lead to duds,
leaving the fable a bit sour,
hard to swallow.

his worthy prize ones is what keeps that adventurer critic so alive.

And real!

In comes from sheer enjoyment.

Adventure is out there,
one film at a time,
and only Timdiana will be able into the jungles,
breaking the media riddles into today’s quote.

For at that,
is means more than ever in simple words.

If you seek voyage,
it will find you,
like it does Timdiana,
one film at a time.

~Side Notes~

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