Before the move,
he was just boundless on what he could do,
amazing what his mind holds.

What he has now,
it still shines him through and through.

In the materials of video games and monster fables,
as thus now,
the latter have falter in a instant.

For only he wishes to,
master his craft.

All have to do that some point in their lives,
or naysayers win a battle that is very much,
one sided.

To that,
it’s amazing in what I see in him.

Getting better in his work,
from a player’s view,
busyness view,
a fan’s views.

There are just so many eyes in his mind,
I hope he knows,
because without that,
Jim Bevan would just be Jim Bevan,
a normal person ranting and raving.

But with that mystic challenge,
which could be from games and fables themselves,
strides hard in him.

A level of insanity with blur nightmares,
he’s that good.

In only of that,
I hope,
just a small glimpse of it,
sees it.

To where,
in spiteful,
blistering others would just say,
game over.

But to me,
you have completed all levels;
here is your gold trophy acknowledgment,
though for how small it is,
should count for something,
grand job and keep at it.

Game on!


-Side Notes-

Doing another Thanksgiving Poem; subject is what are you least thankful for and is there a way of how to handle it your way. The numbers for responses are 25. PM me when you can, for the due date is on the day before Thanksgiving Day.

Even with a requested on going through, Paint a Picture Special is still open for others to see their favorite painter get their chance. PM me or comment below

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