We grasp each end,
for the most juvenile thing there is,
but we want to at least try.

The grip is tight,
as our thinking is waving with ideas,
on what to wish.

A wish,
we all have one,
but what are the chances of a craving a simple desire,
to come true.

A bone such as this,
comes from many creatures,
but only holds more . . .
when family is near.

Grip it good;
show what this dream can be,
more than fiction.

Let the realism be what it becomes.

Little it is that a wishbone could mean so much,
but at least,
holds enough.

Make a wish,
with a strong grip,
and just . . .

The moment for the wish,
is now,
and with a smile.

Go for it.

-Side Notes-

Doing another Thanksgiving Poem; subject is what are you least thankful for and is there a way of how to handle it your way. The numbers for responses are 25. PM me when you can, for the due date is on the day before Thanksgiving Day.

Even with a requested on going through, Paint a Picture Special is still open for others to see their favorite painter get their chance. PM me or comment below

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