Now before i began i want to make one thing clear about my stand on topic. for many of you who will be reading this blog might get the

idea I that I am anti Union. that is not even close to the truth. if fact i am 100% pro Union. had been for years. i think is is important that working have someone represent theme in issued of labor and or wage dispute. let be honest for one second, when it come to our companies we work for they wan tot pad us as little as possible. they do not care if you have a family to provided or the fact the job itself is carry a hug heath risk. no they just what you to do the job with little pad and if you can’t than they will just get someone else to do it; end of story. yet a good union can who care for the employees can change that. they could demand better working condition and better pad they could also began attention to things the employees had on idea that was going on in the work place. yes a good union can make thing a lot better for people who are it. so why am I writing a rant blog about one? too explains why not all union are good and can be hurtful to they employees inmany way imaginable. i will explain.

As you already know from my last blog i ha lift my old job and is doing fine so far in my new job working in a wear house in New Jersey. but what i did not mention is that the job had a union. yes. a job that pad you straits commission had a union represented us or so I thought. while it is true i had pay union dues that was all that my old union was good for and let face it bow good is your uinon really if you had to live off public assistant just so you can keep a roof on your head. that right most of the union worker was living off a food stamp and extra cash from the government just so they could live. and this is a union job–a Union job! and yet no one in this job was not making enough to feed their family, yet that still did not stop the union for taking 45 dollars out of our pay check for for being a part of a union that most of their worker are on Public assistant. how is this possible/ will if you have a bad union it is not.

now shockingly this union is big and repentant most of the trainist worker in New Jersey.Yet when it come to ticket agents working on the street we are at the bottom of the help list. nothing was more ever-dent the some of the meeting i had sat thought. many agent working voice their frustration as to how they are not making a living in what they do and how there are more competition both for other companies as well from each other that it hard to keep the job with low pay. this was voice doing my five sat down in these metter and the more i had hard the arrangement the more it was clear that the leadrs did not seem to care or in many cases washelpless to do anything. many people had already stated we had a bad contract for the start. working 9 hr on commission pay and if you d not make any sale well thought luck. fighting over ticket sale with each other and having to deal with a company that belife the it is your fault that you are not making money not the fact that it is raining not the fact that toured season had ended. and not the fact that most people can get their ticket for store vinders and not form the street agent that are out there all day just so they could sell one ticket.

this is one of many problem with this union the next is not getting in touch with the union rep or that they keep making excutes that a worker like myself do not want to hear. and i had ask on of my fellow worker why they hell am i paying union dues if the union is not doing a dame thing to make thing better for use. his respond was, ” they have to pay the lawyer’s fees.

I just rolled my eyes is disgust for it was clear that union was not a union at all. yes they did had a 401k plain. and yes they did had some from of health care. but what good if any of it if you can afford to pay into it. that and the fact that the head rep said in his own word that “if you not making enough out there than you need to go to public assistant for help” really that’s your solution to the problem?

do you now understand why there a difference in supporting good union rep and hating the bad unions who sit on there asses and do nothing? this what been going on in my job and it had sicken me. yes i am aware there are unions out there that do not have enough funds or people to make an impact who is being beating dowm by the government for even excited but there are strong union who get a lot of money for it member and should do whatever it takes to proect them for policy like the one my old job has. and if they can’t, if all they can say is this is all the 2 billion dollar company can to offer their worker the little wage possible and tell there working this is the beast we could do with no effort in there part. or is had told there members up fort that you need to go to P.A for exart help than do me, a favor do your members a favor; stop pretending to repenting them.

This was the other reason for me leaving this job the bad policy was just not good and with my other personal problem i have to deal with at home a change was needed and yet my feeling toward union had not change. For like i said before we need good unions to help keep fair wages fair and to have safer working condition. the only thing i had learn for my exprescane is that not all union do the same and mine was a example of than

Express Yourself.

Ps to all my fellow expressionist f you had a similar in our old work place place tell use about. the more we know the more we can make things better

by Jockerlee 77

2014 Manic

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