Not they come forth,
as they are sane,
which they are not when asking to now look at the clock.
What is the actual time?
In a chance of humor,
its 4:26 . . .
A.M. if it means anything . . .
but again that’s time for you of asking out of the blue.

In annoyance,
with the exception of the computer,
what can you hear?
An animal outside that’s going . . .
eewww-eeewww-upa-upa-eeewup . . .
I wish it would just go away;
it does this every night,
for how long,
if you ask . . .

Go beyond a step,
speaking of which,
when did you last step outside?
What were you doing?
what a weird world that is . . .
and what happens out there,
will remain with le moi.

Come to ask this now,
did you dream last night?
Along with the outside world,
weird and will stay with me and haunt me . . .
for good or bad.

In grim to what it means,
do you remember your dreams?
I would always brush them off,
but they end up near somehow in some way.

Out of the blue once again,
and may always do and be,
when did you last laugh?
More of question,
when am,
I not laughing,
psycho enough for you,
I think so . . .
oh yes.

And in so of this,
do you remember why or at what?
Thought I was confusing one,
I fear,
I was wrong . . .
but for only so until I take that title back,
in time I will . . .
what in draws a smile is a mystery only.

Look around for this one,
of what is on the walls of the room you are in?
Ranges of flowers,
abstract art,
and windup windows,
if I am doing just a first glance around . . .
then I am right.

Ending this for now,
for if you seen anything weird lately?
More likely question is,
when I am not seeing anything weird as of late?
That there is something no one can give a straight answer for and to that,
we stop here,
and come again another time.

even so on this if comes to mind,
if you what do I think of this quiz?
I say fine; to keep backlash from getting,
too much out,
way out,
of hand.

-Side Note-

Doing another Thanksgiving Poem; subject is what are you least thankful for and is there a way of how to handle it your way. The numbers for responses are 28. PM me when you can, for the due date is on the day before Thanksgiving Day.

Even with a requested on going through, Paint a Picture Special is still open for others to see their favorite painter get their chance. PM me or comment below

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