Heya guys. Cool? Cool. I’m kind of back. Kind of. Not sure if I’m going to keep writing blogs about music, maybe a video, maybe this’ll be my only post ever here. I dunno. But I have to admit, I feel kind of nostalgic of writing blogs and all. And also, my older top 10, that is… well, gone, doesn’t represent me anymore. So, if I’m going to make these things right, I have to start making a new one. Only one album per artist. So, let’s get on with it, am I right?

10. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Started strong, didn’t I? Just to be clear: my top 10 are, in my opinion, 10 awesome to perfect album. No bad albums, no average album, just the creme de la creme, which I know, from my top picks, will get me some slack. In the other top 10, I included the Wall instead of this one, basically for nostalgia factor and the fact that everytime I want to get down (not on the ground), I listen to i, but I’ve got to be honest, as an album goes, this borders perfection. It’s an achievement of immense quality, and it should be listenned to, if you haven’t already. Special attention to the Brain Damage and Eclipse combo, Breath and Time… in fact, seriously, it’s a concept album, brah, listen to it all, in one sitting. With a joint, preferrably.

9. The Barenaked Ladies – Gordon

The quiky debut from the quirky band that made the quirky opening to that shit faux nerd crap that is the Big Bang Theory is a jem. Like… it’s 15 tracks of great songs. The mood swings are effective, the ballads are clever and well written… the whole album is well written, actually. The compositions are clever, and the singer may not be the greatest singer to be ever recorded but I think leaves a giant mark. It impressed me a whole lot, really, and I think it will impress you too. Special attention to Enid, Hello City, Box Set (best song about commercialism ever, yep, suck it Money for Nothing), What a Good Boy, If I Had a $1000000 and The King of Bedside Manner.

8. fun. – Some Nights

Is JB still around? If so, thank you, brother. This album… holy fuck, this album is just perfect. Every single track shines like a national guitar. It’s Queen again, but fresher, I guess. It’s well made, creativity oozes from it. This album is a pompous anomaly by an alternative band trying to make it into the market and holy crap they did. Again, if you haven’t listenned to it yet (or you’re like my GF and can’t stand “We Are Young” anymore) give it a try as the solid album it is. It’s a charismatic piece of slobby arrogant rock and I love every second of it. Special Attention to Why Am I The One, Some Nights (intro) (which is a Queen song), All Alone, Carry On and the bonus track Out On the Town.

7. Jethro Tull – Aqualung

From third to seventh, I still love this album. Is one of those perfect albums, where every track lulls you into a warm and cozy feel and then kills it with locomotive Breath. YES, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH. Listen to this track. And the album. This prog rock flute driven rock fest with the bardlike singings of Ian Anderson is one of the best things mankind created. It had 11 tracks of soul and awesomeness and weird vibes, until the magnum opus that is Wind Up, sitting in the end, like a gargoyle with a elvis toupee. It’s a hell of an album, and I love it with all my heart. If you are able to listen to it without getting psyched up, then it’s not my problem, it’s yours. Everytime I pick it, I think of it’s grandness and wonder which Jethro Tull Album is the best (between Aqualung, Passion Play and Songs from the Wood) but… gah, this one. Special Attention to the whole freaking album, especially Wind Up, Locomotive Breath, Aqualung, Mother Goose, Up To Me, My God, Cross Eyed Mary and Cheap Day Return.

6. Queen – A Day at the Races

Picking the best Queen album is like picking which arm you like best. I would rather choose which parent I love most. If you ask me tomorrow which one I like the most, it might not be this one. Two years ago, it was Sheer Heart Attack, and although A Night at the Opera is frowning at me right now for not including it (look, I’m sorry! What do you want from me?? I love you both!!!), I had to pick A Day at the Races for one reason: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy is a bit smarter than Love of my Life. That was the tiebreaker (what a dumb tiebreaker!!! sorry, Love of my Life!! Forgive me!!). Also, I think Somebody to Love shows more prowess in recording ability than Bohemian Rhapsody (although Bohemian Rhapsody was an idea breaker, no doubt). This album is awesome. Special attention to You Take My Breath Away, Long Away, You and I, Somebody to Love, Tie Your Mother Down, Drowse, Teo Toriatte, The Millionaire Waltz and, of course, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. I PICKER ALL THE SONGS, EXCEPT WHITE MAN!! So, include it also. White Man is solid, too. Most special attention goes to… Millionaire Waltz, Long Away and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. There, done.

5. Boston – Boston

I’ve discovered this album in 2012, I believe, and I listen to it constantly with feverish passion. How a band with this quality gets pushed so back to the background, being represented by only one song (More than a Feeling)? Now, I know what you thinking. Maybe didn’t release anything worthwhile after this debut from the angels. And… well… that’s precisely the case. They didn’t release anything of quality after this one. But come on, this album is superb. Like… with a fear of sounding repetitive, this album, every single track? Amazing. It has prog rock, it has some hints of stoner rock, even a “how we met and evolve as a band” song in the mix. Even a sex song. One of the most ingeniously hidden faux love song but really I wanna bone you song. Which I love. Special Attention to the entire album, but if I was going to push anything, it would be Foreplay/Long Time. It is awesome.

4. Tally Hall – Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

I have gotten out of my way to glorify this album as a tool of the lord (probably satan) that it is. You look at that cover and you think: “holy crap, I want to be in that world. Do the songs do that?” and me, as the green bard of the east, will drum on my pipe and pipe my drums and answer: “yes, my dear stable boy”. Just listen to Spring and a Storm. For a reason I cannot comprehend, they decided to make a song to sing to your baby children, and it so works. It’s like if Tim Burton went back to his original glory and made an album. It’s creepy, it’s magical, it’s awe inspiring. 15 songs of incredible. “What, 15 songs? Not a single bad one?” Nope. If you find one, tell me, and I will tell you why you’re wrong. Unfortunately, the band went MIA after their second album, but… I want moar. Give me moar. Special attention to Ruler of Everything (which is amazing), Be Born (which is amazing), The Bidding (amazing), Spring and a Storm (amaaazing) and The Whole World and You (awesome). As always, listen to it all. Go on, I’ll wait.

3. Supertramp – Breakfast in America

I don’t even know how to defend it. It’s just.. gah. Gaaaaah. They can do whatever the hell they want with that magistral absurd keyboard, that falsetto singing and, great fucking songs. Like… gah. Sorry, gah. The entire album is perfect. I’ve known this album ever since I was a kid: Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home and Goodbye Stranger have been favorites of my parents ever since I was still afraid of the Oogy Boogy Man (after all, if I wasn’t afraid, there would be something wrong, since it might have been the last time I listened to the oogy boogy song), but I grew up, and the album is a googleplex of feelings and quality. And influence, a whole buttload of influences. Gah. Special attention go to… Child of Vision… and… the title track, Breakfast in America. Gah, listen to it all.

2- The Darkness – One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back

…well… yes, the Darkness. In second, yes. Yes, the band of “touching youuuuuuuuu, touching meEEeEEeEE”. Yep, second. Nope, not joking. Nope, not trolling. When I first listenned, back in the distant year of 2001 to I Believe in a Thing Called Love, I felt it was… well, trashy as hell. Because it was silly and sold out the idea of rock and roll as something pure and awesome and… I have to say it, old. We, rockers, have certain prejudice with old stuff. Not all of us, but some of us. When I listened to I Believe again… it’s a solid hard rock song. A rock song that Van Halen couldn’t do better. And when you listen to the album, you will see lots of flaws here and about, some good songs, and a great screech singer. So, this album is not the album with I Believe in a Thing Called Love. This is their second album. And it rocks socks off. It’s a solid hard rock hair metal loveydo cheesy guitar fest with the greatest singer since Geddy Lee rocking your soul like they just don’t care. And even the balads are solid little rock things. I fell in love with this album, because it is great. Special Attention goes, specially, to the song that made me listen to it all, English Country Garden. But, as been with every single album on this list, listen to it all. It’s just great.

1- Deep Purple – Machine Head

This will never change. This album is the best album ever. Seasons may scatter, never really matter (in an English Country Garden) this album will emmerge victorious of the best thing mankind created ever since fire and the wheel. When they made the paleolythic man made the first wheel, a bystander said “someday there will be 7 of the most solid rock and roll song imprinted in something with that shape”. And as the prophecy fortold, Machine Head exists. 7 Songs. It doesn’t overstay, it doesn’t bore. It’s relentless, mixing bluesy rock with hard rock anthems that will rock your eyes out of your skull. When you think it’s all done, you get dominated by the sense of rock and roll that can only be given with this gold godlike album. I guess what I want to say is that this is my favorite album ever and always will be. 7 tracks. And it’s awesome. Special attention goes to Lazy and Pictures of Home. And Maybe I’m a Leo.

And those were my picks. Agree, disagee completely? Let me know. See ya.

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