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Parkland Monskey never mention here adventure nor talk about the man in red to any of her family the following day instead she and her brothers enjoyed their last day on beach Island going shopping, to the movie, and see a fun outdoor Musical of west side story done in both Puerto Rican and Mexican. The last day was amazing. Not only did they did some much doing that time, but for Parkland, Zam, and even Ruffton it was the first and only time it actually felt like they were on vacation. It was also the first time that Parkland had relaxes and had fun, with worried about the man in red or anything for that matter. She wasn’t even concern of the wired phone conversation she had with. Alan; who was trying his best not to tell her that something bad had happen back at home. Parkland did not push the issued. She just rolled her eyes and said her goodbyes to Alan. Already knowing she would eventfully found out what had happen as soon as she gets home.

The next morning Parkland decided to walk around the neighborhood on last time before she and her brother head toward the airport. The sun had yet to rise and there was hardly any car or people on the street. Yet Parkland did seem to have any care about that for all she wanted to do was walk and take in the nice warmed air that was blowing around her. She did not thought about anything just passing one street to the next until she had found herself standing right in fort of the mean entire of the boardwalk leading to the south side f the beach. A part of her was vary iffy in enter the beach yet decided that sine she is only staying on the broad walk and not heading near the sand that it was fine. She did so but with coition. Even throw the boardwalk was empty with hardly any story open and no people in sight, Parkland wanted to make sure that no one young and old could sneak up on he without her seeing them first. However after about three minutes Parkland began to smile at how ridiculous she was acting and how she had to remained herself that it was she that had chosen to take this path and for once to relaxed and enjoy yourself for once in your crazy life for god know what is waiting for you at home.

However jus she was halfway down the broad walk something in the corner of her eye had gotten her attention. A woman dress in what appears to be wearing a white night dress was standing close to the sure line, she nil down breathy before she rose back up again. In shock and disbelieve Parkland began to ran on the beach; toward the woman before common scene kick in and told her to slow down.

“No Parkland said to herself as she slowly came to a stop while looking at the woman. “She is not real. Elizabell is dead. She’d been dead for some time. that is not her.

And sure enough just as she said throw words she woman she had seen standing on the sure line had vanishes. Parkland took a deep breath. But instead of walking away Parkland Monskey proceed to walk toward the spot where she thought she had seen Elizabell. At first she had seen only the sand she was standing on yet after looking a little harder she breathy saw a shadowy outline of rose laying just inches from her before it had disappear.

“So this were a life ends and the legend began,” Parkland said to herself even throw she had no clue as to whether or not that this is spot that the man in red had died. Yet the more she had thought about the more it mad scent to her. And the more she belief that even in the afterlife the man is not only trying to help other in this time but is also trying to get back to the one he love on who had been long Pass on.

An hour had passed and Parkland was a bit amaze as too how fast the boardwalk begins to full with people. All the shops are open. and all the neighborhood children with in the aria was running all over the place. A warm feeling had over came Parkland as she stop by the ice cream stand to pick up her favorite flavor; strawberry chocolate, jubilee.

Five minutes had pass, and Parkland halfway finsh with his ice cream when a voice had call out to here from behind.

“Hay there, I was wondering if I would see you again, Ms. Monskey.”

“Parkland turns around only to see the boys who helped her fight off throw bullies who had attacked her baby brother in the boys’ restroom.

“Oh hello there,” Parkland said with a smile, “surprise running into you again. I take it that the beach is you normal hangout.”

“Most of the children hangout around the boardwalks”, the teen said brightly.” Beside I only live down the road so.-”

Parkland could not help but notice that teen face was blushing as throw he was imbairss by something. She smile yet still play it cool as if she have not notice.

“-Well I am happy that I bump into for I never gotten the change to say tbink you for helping me fight of throw cowards the another day.”

“I problem, “ the teen said with a smile, “ I’m just glad you got your brother back safe and sound.”

“Parkland nodded are for a while nither of them said anything before the teen desided to speak.

“So-arrr-what are you doing now. Do you want to get a bite to eat or something?”

Parkland sigh, “I would love-like to but I heading back home today and”-

“Oh-I see, sorry,” the teen said looking rather disappointed.

“Do take a ran check?” Parkland said with a smile.”

“I’ll take on that offer,” the teen said while both he and Parkland both sake hand before quickly pulling it away.

“The name is Boston,” the teen told Parkland who was walking away from him, “Boston S. Ritron.”

“Parkland looked back at Boston and nodded her head before walking away.

It did not took for Parkland and her brother to pack all their things and once there had finish their thing was place in a back of the van there uncle had rented for them.

“Nice,” Zam said as he ran into the van with Ruffton and Parkland both following behind him.

The ride to the airport was pleasants. Both Zam and Richard was both playing cards while Parkland and Ruffton were having a conversation as what to tell their friend once there head back home. Parkland was had already knew she going mention on her so-call vacation and what to not mention when she speak to her friend but then again knowing her she might not say anything at all. For the the quicker she forget the better. But how can she forget the man In red?

“Inside the Miami airport both Parkland and her brother had said there last goodbyes first too their uncle, and then to their ant, and grandmother and Richard who give her cousin a long warm hung and whispered some ting in his ear.

“I am counting on you take care of grandmother and if anything happen you have my cell number. Okay?

Without saying anything Richard just nodded his head before running to her mother’s arms.

“You take care of yourself,” Parkland Grandmother said while leaning on her Cain. “And send you mother my love.”

“Oh I attend to,” Parkland said for she other plain in store when talk face to face with her parents.

Her grandmother must had read her thoughts. For no sooner was she about to board the plane did she asked Parkland to stop and approach with a concern expression written in her face.

“Rose, hold on,” she said while facing her. “look about the man in red it is beast you don’t”-

I already have that cover, grandma don’t worry.”-

-“That’s not all,” Parkland Grandmother said while saking her head and closing her eye before opening them again. “look I know you are not happy with your mom and dad but don’t they wanted to protect you/. They just went at it the wrong way. I went about it the wrong way. Places, Rose, just sit down and talk with them. and you will see just how upsetting it was form them after hearing what happen to me.”

“Okay, Grandma, I’ll try.” Parkland said while giving her Grandmother another hung.

After finding her seat parkland sat down and close her eyes hoping the plain would just take off already. She was out of it and could not wait to back at home sleeping in her own bed, and get back to a normal life in Park Slope. Even throw life living in Park Slope can sometime be anything but normal. There was also Kevin Mongo and that fact that he was up to something or was in some kind of crazy situation in Park Slope. What happen in Park Slope while she and her brother was away? She had wonder to herself while resting her eyes. No matter, knowing Kevin and the band of rug rats she will surly found out what it was as soon as she get home right now she just won’t to relaxed and enjoyed the plan ride back home.

Moment later she could feel someone breathing on her and parkland had open her only to see Zam standing in fort of her with a worried look on his face.

“Yes Parkland said coldly while closing her eyes again.”

“Hay, P,’ Zam said uncertainly, “Ruffton said he does not mine chages set as long—as long”-

“Make sure you put on your seat belt, “Parkland said coldly; not looking at him.

Zam smile and as he took is set next to his sister, Parkland place her arm over his head so he could rest it there.

For a while both Zam and Parkland said nothing yet as the plain took off Parkland said something Zam did not hear her say in years and throw words mad him all teary eyes as Ruffton lay back opposite tohi m listing to some music.

“Love you Zamie,” she said this while holding Zam tightly on his arm.

“Love you too P, Zam said happy while kissing her sister on the check and then resting his head on her arm.

The Monskey experience in Beach Island had ended and yet little did they that Parkland Monskey and her brother was heading towards yet another Park Slope Adventure.

One Adventure end
A new Adventure begins

By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer T-Kun U.W.S III

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