In the land of sands, there can only be so much room for the gods and goddess can have, before their fables blend, mix, water down, and sadly to some of the beings of Egypt be lost forever in time, with no image or short tale of who they once were to their people. It’s a harsh truth. But a truth all the same. In all the gods and goddesses there are, one of many come to mind that fall in this.

A ram god, father of Anuket of the Nile, as he commands the floods of the river he once owned, before the birth of his child. Challenging both of mind and body, he planned fully knowing if she ever come to terms to forever loathing their kinship, till Ra could no longer rise the sun to center of the sky. As to Ra, as he done many times as well, with his kin, he understands that feel that children must grow and go, but it relies on them if they wish to stay near.

Aging god, Khnum, passing keeper of the morning sun and new life of the third descendent line. He carries much on his shoulders, but lights when new holy beings come to walk the upper skies and the hot sands, until all he has is to ready the future. Challenging all, forming them as the finest clay of potter that could only be found in lands of Egypt, that held within them the endless ideas of the mortals swirling around in the potters. A frown could be seen on his face, when the mending future comes, and within the clay; cracks can depressing be seen. A small fail on his part of this unfair bargain, only one that seem have made, when it should have mindful been wisely made by two.

When even seeing the rivers run red as if it was blood, were the hardest for him. Having his brother, father-like, one of the many he was mistaken for, and proudly the strongest kinship there ever was, blocked away by the demon shadows of Set, casting the lands in forever darkness, and Ra in many ways, sadly dying in a war he couldn’t handle alone, not even for the years that came in slow passing time. aftermath of it, led to so much destruction in its wake.

Rives ran dry, mortals died, the land wasted away in the winding storms, crops lack the growth, so much happens when the motions of challenges never come and things come easy, everything in the world’s balance tips, leveling on Set’s ways, for him all the better. And for the others, all the worth.

For any being that rule lands of sand, shouldn’t let the emotions let them run their life, for it’s seen as a sign of weakness. But Khnum cared little of that petty reason to show lack of concern for someone he thought as family. In anything battles between kin, two he cares dear; his bittersweet daughter of Niles life and hardheaded Ra’s sun rising future comings.

In the matters of challenges, one of many comes to Khnum, of how to keep things as they could. A certain master of pranks would keep Set on his toes. Leaving all the rest of the world to going towards the future, with a setting mindset of what’s to come.

-Side Notes-

Doing another Thanksgiving Poem; subject is what are you least thankful for and is there a way of how to handle it your way. The numbers for responses are 28. PM me when you can, for the due date is on the day before Thanksgiving Day.

Even with a requested on going through, Paint a Picture Special is still open for others to see their favorite painter get their chance. PM me or comment below

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