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Hello my fellow expressionist J 77 back at less to give you an up date on what the hell had been happening to me this pass mouth and why you have not seen any thing form me untie now well i might as well start from the beginning because it important you know all the fact as to my crazy life leading to now and the change i have to do best of my new work schedule

frist let get the bad things out of the way. i had a nervous breack down it was do to stress of my work as well as my living situation at the house. my job witch was stare commission was not givng a wage where i can live on in fact it was making things a lot worse to the point i simply just stop caring about the job all together. also me living in a 3 quarter house ( which on the recored never liked form to began with and would never concourses anyone to do unless you have no choose ) is a ling hell. were i live at it has 14 people sharing 2 bathroom and you will b lucky if one of the 2 shower are working. pulse my slum lord i a mean this t the tea slum lord dose nothing to fix the problems in the house. also i had to deal with other people alcoholic and drugs issued includes sealing and races back lash as well this and the fact my slum lord is using gang tacic to get people to pay the rent tor trying to get them out of the house. his had lead to police begin call in the house as well as some of use tented to look up our landlord pass only to found out thing you do not want to hear when ranting a room or buying a house for that matter. and now it may turn out that the house we live in may not be his to began with ether. so what they hell.

So yha this is a crap i had to deal with. and i was trying to make good of a bad thing untile i can fine somthing better when t come to my job, yet my job did not make that easy entire.

Now before i began i will say the most of my old bosses for my job had been good to me i open the door to work again when other had close there doors. it took me five years five long year to get back to the work force and for that i am grateful. yet thing had changes and simply working on commission will not cut it if you want to live independently. and what they was asking for i could no longer do if there was on grantee of a solid paycheck. as a summer job yes and yes man people can do well with the job. the could make close to $800 to $ 1000 in one paycheck. however you have to have the right location and if not you paycheck could end of like mine $28.50 for a 40 hour week. that right 40 hour standing in street, in the ran, in the cold for 40 hours and all you have to show for it $28.50. Do you now see the situation that had befallen me? I was in a no win situation with my job and at home. and after i had gotten into a fight with another agent over a ticket agent from our sister company and having what I felt at the time was a part of the business attitude it was clear that the job was making something I did not want to become.

to top thing off it was to the point i stop caring for my own personnel heath and appearing witch is always a no no. i did not care how i came in for work i did not care how i keep my room. it was a kind of sadness that unless you ask me what is wrong you would think i was lazy. but this was a kind of sadness of not caring for anything and that including yourself. it was getting so bad that i started to forget important thing and when i lost my wallet with $100 in cash is when i hit rock bottom. luck some good friend in this sit as wel as a really good fried in Starbucks had talk to me and had mad me better about my situation. yet still i was in a ruff and it started to show. to the point i was sent home for my job twice in a rwo week span. they was also not happy i were not selling any tickets for a long srach of time. yet i had long ago stop caring the job as was looking for a new one for standing out in the cold in hope of getting one ticket about of waste of my time. so i had decided to not return. i was nt fired i just quite. it simple as that. i do like to do with out having another job in place but with the thing going on in home as will as not making a living at my job. i had to go asap. so i did. and you know what, i was happy and refiled. it was felt good for the frist time in a while. even my family member said i should have lft the job a long time ago. but i did an even thpugh i was unemployed i major wight had been lifted.

Now what i am at now? Well i am now working in a warehouse in New Jersey, loading and unloading trucks doing the over night. it hard work but it work none the less with a padcheck i can rely on based on the amount of hours I’ve put it. it has it flees but it way better than what i had getting in my last job. for one day work could be close to $90.00 or more depending on how many trucks need to be on so yes i can say i hd done the right thing in making the swich yet the night hour indeed affected my time on line but not to worred i am still here and will be back in doing things on this site. it just gonna be a little while longer to post thing up for i am making a new time schedule but it will be up. also there is the thing f finding a new place to live but i will come once i have sace up enough to move out. and believe me i will movie out in due time. ye working at night and being gone for most of the afternoon will help tmy situation so what there is also a rant i have to tlak aobut. it involve a union of my old job but i will save that when the time is right. Express Yourself.

Ps Thank you Jashkin and punchy for talking to me and being so concern doin g my black days it really mean a lot to me more than you ever know. as there

By Jockerlee 77

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