Back in the old site, I made a topic about an ambitious project in London aimed to bring a cereal-base cafe to the British masses. It has been a few months, and they needed a couple of endeavours to reach their intended goal. Now, on December 10th the dream comes true.

For those new to this news, two Irish twins have decided to open the first cereal cafe in Britain. It aims to have over 100 varieties of cereal (from all around the world including France, South Korea, United States, South Africa and Australia), 12 types of milk and over 20 different toppings. There is also going to be coffee being served and Poptarts (18 different flavours) alongside what they call “cereal cocktails”.

Additionally, they have also been collection cereal memorabilia (such as boxes and the classic collectibles) and making a theme of Saturday morning showing the old cartoons on vintage televisions. All this on two floors. This is only the beginning, as the managers hope.

What are people’s thoughts on this? For me, while not the biggest cereal fan I certainly will try it out when I am in the neighbourhood. Breakfast is a big deal dining out in my city, where brunching has taken over dinner as the main meal out. Even in that, there has not been an endeavour quite like this – something new is always something I will give a try.

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