Angel fever and naked time
A star’s warm voice would lie almost need more heal
Prisoner from ocean morning yet sky smoke opening night
Vast sex never celebrated as god glass rhythm poison lingering moist sad decay magic
Only look up to them are joyless brilliant broken crap
Velvet marble peace may ask to use cool champagne eyes  like a hot blush fire green growl flower dance kissy embrace long melt awake
No sister put the liquid away
How one was delicious dazzle slow steel porcelain secret of ghost candy
Desire breath but haunt throb lip smile fool heart
Colored like blue coffee pie fish cake
Go over and explore that concrete universe will laugh hard but remember out soft child homely cloud





At times, growing up is hard thing to push on through, there will be down sides but also upsides. Knowing of which one will be there, adding weight to your shoulder, is just how you handle everything. Nothing is like a fairy tale, but at times, it can be. Matters of letting that child within fade, is one step in knowing if you have grown up. Yet, in the end, have you let that inner child go or have you let grown?

-Side Notes-

Doing another Thanksgiving Poem; subject is what are you least thankful for and is there a way of how to handle it your way. The number for responses are 28. PM me for the date in

Want to do another Paint a Picture Special; who is the artist you like to see? PM me or comment below.

And lastly, know any Thanksgiving themes that can become poem form. Pm me or comment below.

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