When the trolls try to start trouble with Manic Expression, there is often a go-to “criticism.” We’re the autistic site. Many of our most prominent members fall somewhere on the spectrum, with both Patricia and Jashykins talking openly about living with the condition in Creative Chaos. Trolls are…well…trolls are stupid. They lack imagination, and throwing out the number of our members with autism and aspergers as if it were something we should be ashamed of is them grasping at straws.

However, the Internet is a cruel place, so it warmed my heart to see our own James Sullivan make a video recently tackling the subject of his own experiences with aspergers. It’s not easy to stand up and say, “Hey everyone, I’m different.” The Web often times takes that as a signal to get out the cross and nails, but Mr. Sullivan seemed not to give it a second thought. He was confident and proud in his video, not looking for attention but to reach out to fellow aspergians and share his story.

James is one of those guys I’ve admired on this site for a long time, and not just because he has, hands down, the coolest first name in history (it’s you, me, and Bond my friend!). He’s a gifted video producer, a talented performer, and an enthusiastic Expressionist. He’s also just a hell of a nice guy.

James was the first person to send in a video for the 500 member special (up now! Go watch!). He’s quick to offer his help with various projects, and I’ve had so many of you tell me how much you enjoy his work. That’s what makes us special here at Manic Expression – talented people without a trace of ego, all eager to share with each other what we love most.

My daughter, Emily, is autistic. She struggles at school to find a place where she fits, never knowing the right thing to say to the other kids to fit in. My hope is that one day she’ll find a voice that is uniquely hers, and that she’ll be able to share that voice with the world. My hope is that she’ll grow up to be someone just like James Sullivan.

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