A blogger,
a music maker,
a member,
a protector,
a friend,
a father figure . . .
the last one is debatable to others.

But yet,
comes in fine hard ways,
to find another to hold all this in being,
and make it work,
to add to the charm.

One had said there before of how this site comes together.

We have the hearts,
the minds,
the eyes,
the steps to keep pushing forward,
the skin that holds it . . .
the shield in some regards.

How else to put it,
but it is true.

He comes off in many ways,
to me at least,
the last one,
the father figure that keeps the young and foolish in line.

Honesty to say,
at times it was something hard to adjust to it,
for in life,
having lack it once along ago.

But to have it now is great to have.

Through all the rest,
to find that last bit,
was out of the blue,
yet far from unwelcome.

But all before,
there was the grand blogger with golden words,
the sliver-line music maker,
the one of many grateful members on this site,
a wise protector of those who, have yet,
to find their notch,
and prideful friend to have when there is doubt.

I could say more,
but I’m sure everyone knows who Les is by now,
and with that,
have a blue ribbon kind of day.


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