It’s going to happen.
Or has it already.
No, it’s nearing.
The feel of crimson copper rivers is never hard to miss.
It’ll happen, yes?
No, maybe not, no one can be that stupid into thinking such a thing and change everything of what it once was.
Everything would only lose its focus and just be a lost . . . the ending a world never to be and come forth a world . . . no on every wanted.
Maybe in memory, it will all be a joke.
That’s all it will be.
But will it even be memorized . . . or lost?
No, not even that, but not, than nothing if fixed.
And then everyone will be stuck.
So lost . . . as a good thing or not.
Incases . . . everything happens at the right place, but the time for it to happen.
Shifting everything.
Turning a point into . . . confusion!
Yes, that’s what it is.
No other word can be a louder signal than that!
Oh the mind is suffering now . . . wait . . . does it mean it is happen?
Oh please let it not be true.
Say not so of this.
Let what is in the past stay there. For what is happening now, be moving on forth for what it is.
Keep the future bleak and able to fill with promise.
Breath, time as it is now, is still in slow growing.
Nothing has change.
No friction has come along and burned thus far.
Time is still smooth.
No dares of changes have come, yet.
Everything will in place, as always.
At the right moment, wrong time, is all good for the eyes.
At the wrong moment, right time . . . all is doom.
It just can’t happen, even if it just a feel that changes along with the wind.
Fear for change, has now a new meaning.





Fear of Temporal Displacement

Base of a fictional phobia from a Doctor Who novel by Jonathan Morris and very poplar movies and TV shows.

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