Well since it’s almost Halloween, I think it’s about time to do a list on horror movies. If you’ve ever heard me talk or have read any of my older blogs, you probably know I hate horror. However, there are horror movies that I not only like, but love. Granted there’s only a few of them, but from that small pile, I’ve created a top ten list that shows all the horror movies that succeed the most in scaring me while also being a fantastically crafted movie as well. So with that said, let’s start the list.

10. 28 Days Later

28 days later.jpg

I don’t really find zombies that scary at all, but that was until I saw this gem of a horror movie. It made me realize that you can not only make a zombie scary, but terrifying by making them rabid and fast. Sure it follows the usual scenario of a group of survivors trying to make it out of a zombie outbreak, but it takes that idea and adds something new that made it not only fresh, but horrifying.

9. Suspiria


This movie is not only one of the scariest films ever made, it’s probably the most beautiful looking horror films ever made. This movie is pure eye candy that uses bright colors to make the entire movie feel other worldly which adds a terrifying environment that makes all the kills and scares ten times more horrifying. It’s one of the best examples on how visuals can add to the terrifying nature of a film. .

8. Near Dark


Some people might have something like Dracula as their favorite vampire movie, but for me, this movie is my number one. The main reason why is because in this world, the vampires are much more sadistic, mysterious and monstrous than any other vampire universe (even including 30 Days of Night, which was mediocre). It’s definitely a must see for anyone who is a vampire fan, or just a fan of good movies like myself.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street


Probably the only slasher movie that’s worthwhile (seriously, fuck that sub genera). I think what makes this film stand out to me is because it’s actually scary, which is really hard to do with this sub genre, and the reason why it’s scary is that since a lot of the movie takes place in dreams were one evil psycho can change the world of the dream, making for some tense scenes and some horrifying deaths (the one that made me freak out the most was Johnny Depp one). If you’re like me and hate slasher movies, I’d say give this one a go since it does a lot of new things.

6. The Thing


Most of the time I tend to hate horror movies that overindulge in blood and guts. However, there are maybe one or two exceptions to the rule and this movie is one of them. The main reasons for me liking this film above others of this ilk is because the alien looks really scary in almost every reveal it’s in, the paranoia felt during the entire movie is genuine and last the characters were all very well written. It’s an extremely well made film that is a must see around this time of year.

5. Poltergeist


Probably the best ghost movie ever made. While I can say the scares were the best parts of the film, the strongest aspect that I find I love about this movie was the family. You really connect with them emotionally, which in turn makes the terrifying moments even more scary than they would have been without that real strong family element. Not that many ghost movies reach this kind of perfection, but this movie did.

4. Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs poster.jpg

I just watched this film last Saturday and I can safely say that film is probably one of the most unsettling movies I’ve ever seen. Almost every scene is this movie is either disturbing, grotesque, or even worse. This is also intensified by Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector and Ted Levine as Buffalo Bill who are both incredibly creepy. It gives me chills and that’s why it’s on the list.

3. Psycho

The poster features a large image of a young woman in white underwear. The names of the main actors are featured down the right side of the poster. Smaller images of Anthony Perkins and John Gavin are above the words, written in large print, "Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho".

I couldn’t make this list without including a film from my favorite director. This film is overall well crafted like any Hitchcock film with amazing performances including Anthony Perkins who played one of the greatest villains in cinema history, the cinematography is amazing with very elaborate shots and last has a very well done twist that still holds up today. What can I say other than this film fits the definition of the classic.

2. Alien

A large egg-shaped object that is cracked and emits a yellowish light hovers in mid-air against a black background and above a waffle-like floor. The title "ALIEN" appears in block letters above the egg, and just below it in smaller type appears the tagline "in space no one can hear you scream".

Well it’s time to get into the final two movies of this list, and to me, both of them represent cinematic perfection. This movie is terrifying with a claustrophobic atmosphere, a terrifying monster, art direction that is astounding and a crew of some of the most likable characters you’ll ever see in a horror movie (something that most horror movies forget to do). I can’t really say anything else about this film, other than go see it.

1.The Exorcist

Exorcist ver2.jpgThis is the only horror movie I’ve ever seen that had me doing multiple sit through because it was just unbelievable scary at points that I had to take a break to have myself sink in what I witnessed. This movie innovative horror with camera tricks never performed before, special effects that were never seen before and much more which created some of the scariest moments in cinema history, and they’re still effective today. It scared me more than any other horror movie, making it my number one pic.

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