For a title like, it holds lots of ranges of what that could mean. On the slight twist, the moments all have to be taken at the Theater, indoor/outdoor and/or movie/play kind of thing.

Set as this, when seeing the PowerPuff Girls: The Movie, across from my mother and I were two dudes, roughly the ages of mid-30’s to early-40’s, dressed as cowboys, mostly by how the silhouettes look when the trailers were playing – sounds normal – but when the movie was over, I had no idea the cowboys’ outfits were bright neon colors and the multicolor boots that lit up when walking. -Awesome dudes that knew how to dress.

Another was a time, a worker who brought his pet lizard to work. Take a guess of how the pet was found out. If your guess was in the popcorn box, bathroom toilet, mistaken it as movie partner being odd . . . wrong on all counts. It was in the claw toy boxes . . . what a prize that was . . . that was short lived.

Leaves now, does anyone else have a sight that just caught them off guard. It can be anything, those were just the two moments off the top of my head I could remember. Your guys turn. Go!

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