It’s a Monster Mashup…okay, not really, but some may find it to be a little spooky.

Last week, or maybe a little earlier than that, James Blunt revealed that even he finds his hit song You’re Beautiful to be annoying. So I found it appropriate to dig up another of my old mashup songs. This time, I took the song, made somewhat of an effort to isolate the vocals with the programs that I had, and replace the instrumentation with more eerie musical tracks. It was, I admit, a rather blatant attempt to make the song sound like the singer was an utter creep, which was one contemporary interpretation.

Due to my not being able to find a file with of the isolated vocal track (I suppose that it is easier with rap or electronic pop), I had to do it myself. I couldn’t do it cleanly with the programs that I had, so the result was that the vocals sometimes sounded like they were under water and the musical track was still there at times.

Originally, I am pretty sure that I had planned to use only the introduction to Cowboys by Portishead. The purpose there would have been to be unbearably annoying as well as creepy. The empty repetition, however, did start to come across as lazy instead of deliberate. So I decided to place pieces from two other tracks on top of it. The dissonant droning from Aarktica’s Depression Modern  gave the track a bit more tension while the whooshing screams from Sigur Rós by Sigur Rós provided some necessary spooky atmosphere.

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