Note: I’m sorry about the lateness of this post but I was over at revrezner’s house and wasn’t able to release it on October 24th. Even though it was all ready to be released then.

This is Halloween time. The time where we revel in all things that make us scared. Where we aim to scare ourselves. We all have fears and it’s time you look at some of mine…

Spiders are just creepy. I don’t know why, but those eight-legged freaks scare me. Hell, writing this article meant finding a picture of a spider and my pants got one hell of a workout. Spiders are one of those things where I am even weary of pictures of them.


I had a science textbook in sixth grade where a picture of a spider made me avoid that page the majority of the time.


That’s not to say I don’t watch spider horror movies. From my very short list:


Eight Legged Freaks
Good for a laugh. I am able to stand watching this movie multiple times.



I purposefully watched this movie because I knew if it wasn’t good, I would at least be frightened. The last scene of the movie had me avoiding the tv screen.
I don’t like make-up. Yeah, I’m a female and I am very nervous around the stuff. For revrezner’s brother’s wedding I was rewarded with sake for sitting still while a friend put make-up on me. So clowns having lots of make-up on them is highly unnerving.


Like Sam Winchester from the show Supernatural, I am afraid of Ronald McDonald. So when a movie/show has an evil clown…yeah, I get scared easily.


American Horror Story: Freak Show is a show I’m watching that will have two evil clowns, plus the opening has a lot of clowns in it (making it the scariest opening American Horror Story has had yet for me). But I love the series so much I just have to watch it.


I am also going to read It merely because it’s a Stephen King book.
I feel a connection to birds and feel like I should have wings of my own, but I have a fear of heights. So you put me into a plane and I get scared (though it seems I might have finally conquered that fear, but I’ve said that before).


Not only are you hundreds of miles above the Earth, but the whole process of flying in the USA is dreadful. The TSA, the crying babies, and the general stress of flying.


While there isn’t a horror story (movie/show/short story/ect.) about flying that I can think of off the top of my head, Airframe by Michael Crichton talks about airplane safety.
I feel extremely guilty about this fear and I am able to put this fear into the back of my mind so that it doesn’t effect my day to day life. This is one that I won’t bring up a lot of the time due to it being extremely odd. But I am afraid of babies. I don’t know why, but they seem like little UFOs. It’s like they aren’t natural even though they are part of the human life cycle.


Village of the Damned (1995) has a group of kids being UFOs.


The fear of babies extends to children a lot of the time where. Children of the Corn makes sense to me with its story of killer kids serving Randal Flagg (at least that theory of the true identity of He Who Walks Behind the Rows is the one I like to believe) makes sense to me. Kids can be crazy.

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