Welcome back to part 2 and the last chapter of the Monster Legend blogs. I’d had a lot of fun with and I hope you guys as well. With that said, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?




Number 8 –Yamata no Orochi (Japanese Legend)



For every country, they have their versions of a great battle by one lone person going against a fierce beast, which plague fear in all. Later in tales, after the long awaiting combat, the lone fighter thus won, freeing all from this beast, never to be seen again. If you are thinking; Thor, Hercules, Ra, Yu the Great, Saint George, and many others, than you got a good guess about this next monstrous. Once catch though, unlike the others before, the victor killed the monster, in the case for Susanoo . . . he let the beast go and had it remain in the bottom of the sea for the rest of its life.


Oh there is no doubt of the epic parable that was given about his clash, yet the ending couldn’t be any more far off. In later tales, they tell of how people have caught the beast that was to lie within the sea, rise from the ocean for a moment or so, casting way of where it could be heading, before diving back down, baring the only slivers of scars from the once great battle of storm god Susanoo’s slain.


I have found this one come close as one of the best monsters to go in battle with. It does have well of fear that it is, for anyone who don’t like the following of snakes, water, larger than a building, toxic acid saliva, and later on as the tales go . . . keeper of the sea. Big talk for something like this . . .

One other insight to Yamata is that each head is the sign for each sin and virtue. To why I bring this up, is that it is not just a monster, but one that can emote just as a human, and only strike out of fear, much as anyone else would. That little tip-bit is very interesting, comparing to others fact of how dangerous it is, than have one fact that it is just misunderstood. Again, I found that part interesting none the less.




Number 7 – Ziz (Jewish Legend)



In kinds of stories that can have griffins in them, I’ll get hook about them. Ziz is one of those that did it and I wished there were talk about this. It holds great chances in telling, in some cases, of griffin tales many have yet to hear. Some are good and would make great action/adventure movies while the rest could be funny short strip comics.


Ziz is by far the most tamest of creatures on this list, the closest of hurting a human in anyway, was to remove one that traveled too far in Ziz’s home and grabbed and drop near a lake, which resulted a broken wrist, as the tale goes. Even the designs of trying to figure out what Ziz looks like, is far from a killer.

Far from scary and more of wonderful sight to behold really, Ziz should be notice and quickly.




Number 6 – Fairy (Worldwide Legend)



In terms of this little myth is simple of enough of how everyone will have different takes of Fairies. And boy, how big of range that is of how helpful they could, the powers they have, their meaning if someone was to see them.


Granted most, will say Tinker Bell and be done with it. Yes, she is one of the most iconic fairies out there. But . . . sadly to say, I am not all the fond of her. To say now, she does have a place in letting the idea of other kinds beside her to be out there in fictional world of how fairies could look goes even farther, yet also reasonable . . .


As again, the ranges of fairies there are, is just again, terrific. Season fairies, demonic fairies, sentiment fairies, and forth on how just one fairy gives the imagination of more out there from books, movies, comics. One of the simplest creatures there is and in many ways done right and be notice for it, is no crime.




Number 5 – Rompo (Africa and India Legend)



Rompo is one of those creatures that are pushed to the side for the bigger, larger, fierce wild animals. Nothing should really be feared of it, for it is a corpse eater that is, as the stories go, founded at shallow graves feasting the nearly decaying bodies. If spotted by the living, they’ll run, but if chased . . . umm . . . not a good ending. Mostly for that it was plan from the start, in leading a poor soul to their resting area for the large bee-hive size family to feast on.


Yet, with that one glare on the Rompo they are said to harmless, evilly clever, but harmless. Though for how the monster is depicted is quite understandable as the details go on that it has head of a rabbit, human ears, a thin skin tight fur to where it looks akin to a skeleton, front paws a badger, as the rear end legs look very much as a bear . . . put those items together you get this . . .

Rumor to also be part of the porcupine family . . . I don’t see it.




Number 4- Mono Grande (South America Legend)



In knowing of big apes, there are besides the main ones like the Sliver Back Gorilla and King Kong . . . a large gap, I know, but I had to say it. In other kinds, there is one fable I do like, that kind of put the two I mention into one story and it is by far the second to next movie that should be made.


Mono Grande is very much the Bigfoot, the Yeti, and Snow Creeper in South America, and by the cult hype of it, it is understandable at best why. Yet, funny thing, is how much research in Mono is more likely than Bigfoot or Yeti . . . rumors always get the best of people, but at this point, I could care less.


The mockery of making Mono real is also a fun to look into . . .

The two strongest fables based on Mono are the following:

  1. Stealing women, building huts in high tree areas, and loves to feast on those dumb enough to wonder near
  2. Is streaky a vegan, wary of human, only attacks when being threaten, lives very close to the water

There is a few other tales about Mono, but not as sturdy in striking people than former said. This cult Bigfoot has made an impression on me, and I do enjoy the stories that come from it. Even a side story, that Mono is compared to a Spider Monkey that never had the chance to evolve over the time the lands were moving during the cooling stages. Again, Mono Grande is just a fun look into.




Number 3 – Underwater Panther (Native America Legend)



Let me repeat that one more time . . . Underwater . . . Panther . . . how is not cool! This was another tall tale I grew up on and was never bored of it when wanting to hear it. This panther was known to be the king of all life in Lake Superior and Great Lake Region, even the dreadful snakes feared it, while its only job was guarding, at the time, precious metal that was copper.


By all else, the panther is a gentle creature with a really bad temper, if one was daring or stupid enough to swipe copper without an offering. If there was no offering, death to be left as a hollow flesh bag on the riverbank while the rest of the body was left in the underwater cave of where the beast sleep or shadow oneself left in the ripples that are cast by rock skipping, if maybe that.


Despite how the legend goes for the Underwater Panther, it is not one that has the most notice of, but in the artist world, they know what they are doing and can’t help but take perceive them for what they do in such vague moments.

Out of all I saw of this beast, this one was the best. Taking in the form of cat and fish and making it work, it just stupendous. As art work and a legend to look upon, yes indeed.




Number 2 – Apsara (Buddhist and Hindu Legend)



This being that is the keeper of the sky, is very much angel in some regards but also holds a bit a demon within. That makes this goddess not very different from other tales, but has enough twist and turns to make it worth a peek at.


In short take of it, the Apsara is that of the yin and yang. What is won will be later lost. Life turns to death. To in anger becomes kindness. When war is over peace will come. Those matters, sum up enough of it, but don’t come close, in what should be said than what it is written or lack there to find in trying to do research on it.


Most research into this is found in the basic facts anyone kind when looking up Hinduism or Buddhism, but if someone was to come across this devilish angel, the insight will just enlighten anyone.

The Apsara

A goddess that should never be tempted with and always be seen as a friend, it would make it easier on everyone.




Number 1 –Valravn (Danish Legend)



If anything of this being the last one, kept it as this, the bad guy turning good. Valravn; doing in many ways, bad deeds, to become good. Of how it came to be, is short was as this; a score a ravens feasted upon a king for soon was to die on battle’s grounds but grace to never be buried when in search of body to never be found. The ravens merge as one, into one form, a human, in regards a young and healthy vision of the fallen, lead little of this, the inner soul of raven feast upon human flesh in secret until finally, years along, became a knight, when a woman whom lost her first-born child in a unwinnable bribe.


Later in that, the raven knight severed the new king of that time, the anew beings never knowing of how the inhuman creature and thus lived, the rest of his human life, until the cycle would repeat.


Again, that was only the sum up version I could do in my spare time. Yet, still, this fable was a pleasure to read or hear with the new twist of others whom as well, loved the Valravn to get his ending. In some odd turns, a few allegories do not end, on the Valravn ever becoming human, but a beast that protected the lands from darkness.


This picture makes a little more sense now, after that little tab-bit.

Still a wonder through and through, a good tale to tell kids . . . well the less dark and bloodily version anyway.





And with that, we end this mini blog of monsters. Just as the horror movies, this was a blast to do. Maybe next year, I’ll take a look at some other monsters, but for now, the ones that have enough shine or close that it was good enough. To that, later everyone and see you next time!


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