Top 20 Disney Villains w/ Special Guest

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Jack: Anyone that has even slightly studied storytelling or drama knows that usually the basis for every story and drama in general is conflict. The conflict doesn’t necessarily have to be a person it can be a flaw of the main character or just the bad days in life or a facet of human nature. Many people have successfully argued that villains are the most important roles because the villain is the source of the conflict and without them there is no story or drama. Disney villains have been called out by critics and film buffs as some of the best villains of cinema. They have charm, charisma, excellent designs, excellent voices, excellent presence, and genuinely interesting and diverse villainous traits. There are so many Disney villains, but only 20 could make the cut as the TOP 20 DISNEY VILLAINS!!!!!!!

(loud banging on the front door)


Jack: Who  is knocking so loudly? Excuse me Ladies and Gentlemen I’ll be back in a few.

(comical fighting sound effects) (Returns carrying someone all tied up and roughed up and throws him on the couch in the living room)

Jack: Who are you and what do want! TALK!

Darkfan21: My dear boy, you have not heard of me. I am the one that almost single handedly took down Manic Expression and I am the one that almost defeated Moviefan12 by myself. Granted, I could never find the key, I was looking for. I had heard that there was another Disney blogger around being you and I wanted to come and see if I could take down another.


Jack: Ah so you’re the famous Darkfan21 I’ve heard so much about, the one that’s always giving Moviefan12 so much trouble. Well Darkfan21 the thing is, you’re on my turf now and I play by different rules of heroism. So when you barge in here and try to take me out I hit you back twice as hard. Oh and by the way only a handful of villains can get away with such petty schemes like shutting down a blogging site that can easily get restarted on another host site on the internet.

Another thing, if you planned to take me out why would you knock? I assume you’re after my weapon the Keyblade? As if I would lose my blade to a coward and villain wannabe like you. Now be a good little tied up and defeated villain wannabe and SIT DOWN and SHUT UP and once I’m done with this TOP 20 Disney Villains List I’ll figure out what to do with you.


Darkfan21: What do you know about the Key? I’ve been searching for that thing. For all of my existence. With the Key, I can control the world but not before I take out Moviefan12 as he has been a pain in my rear for far too long. Once I find a way out of here, I will go after him and there is nothing you can do to stop me and as for the knocking, I felt like trying something different. A villains list. Hmm, perhaps I could be of service as I know a thing or two about being bad.


Jack: First, It’s called the KEYBLADE. A weapon that was created to protect the 3 Realms, The Realm of Light, The Realm of Darkness and the Realm of In Between and to liberate those trapped in the Realm of Sleep. I hate to disappoint you, but your search is pointless and meaningless since the Keyblade chooses it’s wielder and it cannot be taken away from me it’ll just teleport right back because the blade will see that you are unworthy. If by some chance you did kill me it still wouldn’t choose you it would go to the next person that is worthy. As for you wanting to be included in the Villains List I guess you could give some input, but you must behave and keep yourself in line. If you slip up even once you’re done!


(Looks at viewers) Oh I’m sorry Ladies and Gentlemen where was I? Oh Yes. The villains that make up this list will be from films live action and animated, TV and videogames. Here are the TOP 20 Disney Villains!


Darkfan21: Excellent, I will be on my best behavior for this.

#20 MAN from Bambi


Jack: While not all environmental films are good their message is true and sincere. What we humans do to our world whether it be pollution in the water and air, littering or the ill timed destruction of forests;  what we do to the planet that gave us life and still continues to give us life is very discouraging. The sheer greed, arrogance and apathy that we have for our home is enough to give us a spot on the list, but there’s more. Even when the environment is taken out of the equation what we do to each other is just as villainous and cruel. Murder and other crimes, war, bigotry and hatred, oppression I could go on and on. Walt understood this about humans more than most, but Walt also knew that for as much evil potential we have we have the same amount of potential for good. We may not think we’re not destroying the environment as much as others say, but what Bambi does so well is create excellent characters and environments so that we can see the situation from a new perspective and the irony is the animals are humanized so we can feel sympathy and attachment for them. We see what our evil potential is right in front of us onscreen with the death of Bambi’s mother and the fire in the forest. The other ingenious thing is that MAN isn’t given a face. MAN is a force and isn’t tied down to any specifics. MAN could be you or me (I personally believe MAN is the weasel and the (insert multiple insults and expletives here) jerk that is Dick Cheney). It allows us to see ourselves and what we do in a very different light so we can act accordingly and at least think about the flaws within us so we can cope with them and become better people not just for the environment, but for ourselves as well. The only reason why MAN isn’t #1 is because I’m a fanboy I have nerd related favorites on the list.



Jack: Now Cruella Deville is an interesting villain because she’s not an Evil Stepmother, she’s not a witch or a God or a pirate she’s just an evil lady. She is an obsessive and spoiled rich woman who will get her way no matter what throwing every shred of humanity away. If you have to ask why she’s doing this you apparently haven’t lived. We all know that the reason why she’s so evil is because she is heartless enough to murder 99 Dalmatian puppies in cold blood and as if that wasn’t sick and disgusting enough she wants to wear them as a fur coat. Being a huge animal lover (NOT PETA extreme those people are FREAKIN’ CRAZY!!!!!!!! JUST AS CRAZY AS CRUELLA) and having dogs as part of my family all of my life this disgusts me on a personal level. She’s also very cowardly hiring others to do the dirty deed when she doesn’t have the guts to do it herself. Well she gets desperate enough and does, but her mind is so far gone by that point she probably forgot why she wants the puppies in the first place. Not the most powerful villain, but certainly one with presence, craziness and cruelty.


Darkfan21: Interesting choices, my dear boy. Man, quite an ominous presence as you never see him and I actually know the guy that killed Bambi’s mother as well. He still owes me money from our last poker game. As for Cruella, while I’m not big on the evil ladies as I feel this is a man’s job, she does have one hot body.

Jack: You do not know who killed Bambi’s mom. I’ve been searching for him for the past 8 years and if I couldn’t find him you couldn’t possibly have met him let alone played poker with him. Also I find your sexism really annoying and just dumb. Really, you think that Cruella is..? That’s just wrong!

Darkfan21: I like what I see!

Jack: Anyway moving on!


#18 SARK/ MCP/CLU from TRON, TRON: Uprising, and TRON: Legacy

Jack: While the TRON villains aren’t that complex or really interesting in comparison to the others on this list they are really cool and memorable. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a personal style over substance choice by putting them above MAN, but I love the TRON universe. They look very cool David Warner and Jeff Bridges do a fine job as their respective roles. You could say they are kind of like Disney’s version of HAL  from 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as representations of oppression and so forth. They’re unique, they look cool, their abilities are awesome and they’re classic fun Disney adventure villains.


#17 LADY TREMAINE from Cinderella

Jack: I pretty much agree with everything Doug Walker said about her in Disneycember. She doesn’t need to have powers or anything just having a cruel personality and control over someone’s life is enough. Frank Thomas’s excellent animation really sells the character as well as Eleanor Audley’s great performance. She didn’t need to have a master plan or anything she just needed to be a mean and cruel human being and sometimes that makes the best of villains.


Darkfan21: I know very little about the Tron films but the first one does look rather dated and boring. How that a film got a fanbase, I’ll never understand. What is it with these evil women on your list. Your only making the list worse by including them as their male counterparts are far superior. Also going over your list, you seem to be missing the most evil of all Disney villains and my idol, Eisner. How could he not make this list?


Jack: Another sexist outburst from you Darkfan21 and you’re done! Do you hear me?!!!!!!! I will stop this list and knock you out and probably dump you in the most inhospitable place. I’m not asking you to respect these women as people because let’s face it they’re villains, but you WILL RESPECT THEIR powers, villainous traits, and the philosophical and analytical significance and their contributions to the Darkness. As for Eisner I do not believe he’s a villain. In fact it was his presence along with many others that helped restore Disney to prominence. He didn’t make the best decisions later and there were far more complex things going on behind the scenes with the people around him in the company so no, it’s not fair to call him a villain and why would you idolize someone who helped bring characters that you hate to prominence? Oh and by the way if you were zapped onto the Grid or Space Paranoids you would be immediately captured and sent to the Games where you being a coward and all would die within a minute. So you might want to respect your fellow male villains as well! I thought you were going to behave and give slightly more input not be argumentative against everything I say? Wait a minute you’re a villain or more accurately a villain wannabe of course you want to be argumentative to get me unfocused so you could escape! Well it won’t work!


Darkfan21: Dear, dear DisneyOtoko, it’s quite simple why idolize Eisner. He made fans hate products with the Disney label, when he created the direct-to-video sequels. Those are truly evil. It looks as though my plan is working. Do you really think I hate these women? Of course not, I was trying to get blood boiling and it has appeared to work. It seems that I’m winning and before this is through, I’ll have your silly little keyblade and use it in my ultimate plan to kill Moviefan12.


Jack: That’s what you think!


#16 THE EVIL QUEEN from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Jack: Ah the first Disney animated film villain. The Evil Queen is a fascinating character and is one of my personal favorites from a thematic point of view. Sure her motivation is the classic fairy tale evil stepmother thing, but what makes the Evil Queen so good and effective is the fact that she represents the human ill of vanity. Her goal is to kill Snow White and be “The Fairest One of All” when her minions fail her she decides to do it herself. Blinded by her hatred and jealousy she drinks a potion that ironically turns her into the ugliest woman in the world to fool Snow White and give her a poisoned apple. She is so blinded by her hate that she doesn’t realize what she’s done to herself and when the Dwarfs come after her you all know what happens. She falls to her death and she dies ugly and alone. Her physical appearance matched her ugly heart. The filmmakers didn’t hit you over the head with this they let it play out and showed it to you! Excellent storytelling and characterization.


#15 CAPTAIN GANTU from Lilo and Stitch

Jack: This is a very interesting villain simply because he doesn’t really become a villain until the 3rd act of the film. He’s just a military officer doing his job. His problem is his lack of understanding of some prisoners’ situations and how he’s set in his preconceived view of people. Once he makes a first judgment of someone that’s his perception of them no matter how they change. He’s also a little obsessive about capturing Stitch mainly because he wants to save face for his failure during Stitch’s initial escape. This obsession goes too far when he captures Lilo along with Stitch and shows complete disregard for Lilo’s safety as a civilian. He’s not diabolical, he doesn’t want to take over the world he just irresponsibly took his job way too far and crossed a serious ethical line. This refreshing aspect of Gantu’s character is why I get so upset with the sequels and TV show because he becomes the bumbling sidekick to a bumbling mad scientist and all of the originality is sucked out of him and a husk of the once honorable soldier of the Galactic Federation is all that remains.


Darkfan21: Well, I must admit The Wicked Queen is quite a nice pick. All of the great evil villains owe her a debt of gratitude. But she’s not that great. Gantu, what a wuss. And yet you call me a villain wannabe. I’ve never seen a better example of a wannabe than that shark right there. What’s next Bowler Hat Guy? If your going to have a Disney Villain countdown, at least includes ones that aren’t idiots.


Jack: At least Gantu has some honor left unlike you. Let’s get this over with. Moving on!


#14 THE PHANTOM BLOT from multiple Disney comic books and Ducktales universe

Jack: Okay I may get some criticism for putting this cartoonish villain above such classic greats such as The Evil Queen and Lady Tremaine, but I love these old school comic book serial type villains if they’re done right. The Phantom Blot is really enjoyable he like any other classic comic book villain wants to you guessed it TAKE OVER THE WORLD! He has such a cool costume with mad scientist and genius criminal skills. I know he technically is the Shadow Blot, but I think that is technically a different character altogether. He is the kind of character that has come up against many classic superhero versions of Disney characters and sometimes has just fought Mickey. A primary adversary of the Mouse I believe should be given recognition.


#13 JAFAR from Aladdin

Jack:  Jafar is one of the more powerful villains. Being a sorcerer and eventually a Genie makes him very gifted in magic and as a Genie relative Godhood. Jonathan Freeman gives an excellent and suave performance as well as a great maniacal laugh! His plan is very simple become Sultan of Agrabah! What makes him memorable though is his look, personality, presence and his powers. It’s hard not to be taken in by his design and abilities as they’re very close to Maleficent a villain that I’ll be sure to get to later on the list. He also turns into a Giant Cobra if he can turn into something that would probably make the badass that is Indiana Jones run away then you have to be on this list.


#12 GASTON from Beauty and the Beast
Gaston takes his place on this list for pretty much the same reasons everyone else loves. The twist on the good looking character being the villain, he’s vain, sexist, rude, a complete pig in contrast to the Beast who isn’t good looking (but he makes up for it in badassery) with an honorable heart that he himself has yet to discover and that Belle and their love brings out. He starts out as a comedic villain, but grows into an aggressive, for lack of a better word, “monster” and seeks to eliminate Beast and take Belle’s heart by force.  We all know this and Gaston is one of the great Disney villains for it. There’s really nothing more to say because everyone else including you have probably already said it.


These are personal favorites of mine. These are not your typical Disney villains. No stepmothers, no evil wizards. They are just common thugs and the scum of society. Honest John and Gideon take advantage Pinocchio’s naïvety and manipulate him to go along with them and screw over the wooden boy for a quick buck.  They have no morals and well “no conscience”. They trick Pinocchio not only once, but twice and the second time they work for the Coachman. The Coachman is even worse. He is a sick, twisted, sadistic and disgusting human being. He turns children into donkeys, enslaves them and sells them to the salt mines. What makes these villains so vile and cruel that warrants a spot above big contenders is that they are one of the most realistic villains in Disney films (not in appearance, but in actions). There are people exactly like this in the real world. There are people doing these vile things and worse even as I write this and you’re reading it. It tapped into the real sickening aspects of humanity that Pinocchio needed to experience in order to not only mature and see the world in a more clear light, but also to appreciate the good in the world and to be good to make this world brighter as well as earn his humanity by getting a balanced perspective of it.


Darkfan21: Okay now these picks are a little better. But I’m still not highly impressed. However, you have given me an idea on how to take Moviefan with your # 11. Knowing much he fears that film. I could build an elaborate trap based on it and lure him into it. Then boom, he’s dead. Simple as that.


Jack:  You do realize I’m right here? Aren’t you supposed to wait until you’ve practically won to give the plot explanation monologue? Well whatever it is you’re planning it won’t work. Even if you did escape I’ll stop you!



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