Here, you take a movie and say what would happen if it came out in another decade-maybe re-cast it, change some plot elements to fit the period, whatever you want! I’ll go first!

Guardians of the Galaxy-The 90’s version

The movie’s mostly the same except Rocket and Groot look a little cartoonier (their still CG, the effects on them just aren’t as good). Also the cast is now:
Chris O’Donnell as Star Lord
Salma Hayek as Gamora
Jesse Ventura as Drax
Denis Leary as the voice of Rocket
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the voice of Groot

Oh and the 80’s soundtrack is replaced with an adult contemporary love song by either Seal or R. Kelly and a rock song. However, their is a CD that ties into the film that has various songs by popular bands on it, half of which don’t actually appear in the movie.

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