I know I posted this question on the old site but with plans to do this article for reals I’d like some suggestions.
Here are a few of my picks so far:
Xanadu by ELO – Bad movie connections aside, this is just a lazy-sounding song (For the record, I like “Nobody’s Fool” even though that’s from Caddyshack II.) Jeff Lynne sounds like he’s yawning the chorus.
Emotional Rescue/Miss You – I can’t decide which of these songs I hate more. Miss You has the more obnoxious melody, but in Emotional Rescue, Mick Jagger hits just the right level of falsetto to irritate me. (Also, I like “I Was Made for Lovin’ You so I DON’T just hate these because they’re disco songs.)
Learning to See – Although I’m trying to avoid obscure songs, this was a bad one. This was an original on the compilation album Best of Both Worlds. This was basically Van Halen’s attempt to sound like those awful nu-metal bands of the early 2000s.
Anyway, throw some suggestions at me, and hopefully I’ll have an article up soon.

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