Hello all.

I’m just trying to get a general feel for whether or not it would be worth it for me to try to do a Patreon campaign.

My reasons for doing a Patreon would be mainly to get the equipment I need in order to make videos better and more often.
Right now I’m doing my work on a laptop using a version of Sony Vegas, which is good but still limited as far as what I’d like to do.
I would love to start learning to use Premiere and After Effects and a better editing software.
I’d also like to do movie reviews, more sketches, use of green screens etc. Limited power on my craptop causes rendering to stretch on for hours the longer and more involved the video the longer the render time (24+ hours in some cases)

Another issue is what kind of incentives could I offer? Early access to me content? I don’t have people exactly beating down my door waiting for my next video. I’ve still not gotten any response from the site regarding the Retail Rants season 2 participation.

Which leads me to ask the question at the beginning: Would it be worth it? I don’t feel I have enough “fans” to warrant a Patreon account.
For me it’s kinda the same old story: I’ve an unlimited imagination, but it’s always hindered by limited means.
I don’t really want a HUGE fan-base (although that would be nice) I just want the ability to get the crazy/awesome ideas out of my head so I can share them.

So I ask the three of you that frequent my content to let me know your thoughts.

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