everything has failed.

everything is gone.

There is nothing left,
it is blank,
pulling the plug and dumping the body,
even if the body still beats.

Everything is down and out.

Gone just like that,
didn’t even get to blink,
it was just gone.

Ripped from the body,
a barren hole,
dips lilac scarlet wine down it,
riving the ways clear in a vigorous color of frenzy passion.

It failed, all of it, coated in paint that drugs the mind.

Paint thinner that slender out more than bold lines,
countless dreams that never,
ever got a chance.

thinned out,
placed a sheet over and left for the furnace to burn.

Even as the sheet waves with breath,
holds nothing,
but a vessel.

Light it up and let it burn,
for a dimmed mind,
has no place here.

Clear away the defected or become it,
to what others call bullshit.

Give a smirk that everything has come clean,
and the fire put out.

And thank for the fail,
for perfection is overrated,
that has vastly lost it point,
for staying.

Even this long,
in the misery of it,
really it is.

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