After mentioning, this comic in my Sunset Shimmer article, I thought I might as well post my review of it. I did some editing to it and added some new pictures. I hope that you enjoy this.


Hello & welcome back to Trotting Through Life. Today, we are taking a look at The Fall of Sunset Shimmer. A short backstory comic in the latest issue of the MLP comic. Now this won’t be as thorough as my Fluttershy review. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The Plot

We start the comic out with Sunset Shimmer taking her magic mid-term and passes with flying colors using a growth spell. Afterwards, we see ponies such as Lyra Roseluck (I think) and Colgate coming up to her asking her to hang out with them but Sunset says that she doesn’t have time for friends or need any friends (sound familiar?) Back in the palace, Princess Celestia talks to Shimmer about this and how she needs to fix her social stature and try to make friends. As she shows Sunset Shimmer The Crystal Mirror and ask her what does she see and in a moment that’d make Mother Gothel proud, she says that she sees a beautiful and powerful young unicorn that deserves to rule Equestira.

Celestia disappointed decides to move on but not before she gets a glimpse of something interesting and for weeks on end, she puts all of her time into studying the mirror and learns that it is a portal to another world that opens every 30 moons. Celestia then comes up and reprimands her student read up on this as it is forbidden. Sunset Shimmer yells back at her teacher for keeping of these secrets from her because she could’ve been great. Tia snaps and gets angry because of what her student said and says that she thought that Sunset Shimmer had compassion and sincerity but all she had selfish ambition. It’s pretty much a shouting match and Sunset says that she deserves to be a princess and Celestia’s equal, if not better. Celestia tries to tell that just because you deserve something doesn’t make it so. And then Celestia has no choice but to remove Sunset Shimmer as her student and Sunset Shimmer says that is a mistake that Celestia will come to regret. Tia says that it is just one of many as she looks at a picture of when, she sent locked her sister in the moon. Okay seriously but is it just me or does Celestia suffer from Peter Parker syndrome as having her loved ones turn on her. Back on topic, Celestia has her guards escort Sunset Shimmer out of the palace but Sunset takes them out and goes through the mirror to the other world.


As the comic ends with. To Be Continued. Leading me to hope that this is not just a tie-in to the film but also that this is a prequel to the upcoming Equestira Girls comic book and hoping that the EQG comic book series takes place before the film and shows how Sunset took over Canterlot High but I think that it’ll take place after the film. Either way, I liked this and out of everything that MLP has ever done, this has to be the most tragic thing related to this series as it does not end on a happy note but it couldn’t because of the story that was being told.


Sunset Shimmer

This comic is aptly titled as it shows that Sunset Shimmer had potential to be great, if she worked at it but she wanted it handed to her because of how great she thought she was. It’s clear that she always had a huge ego and while it’s not a bad thing to have ambition and think highly of yourself, there is a fine line and Sunset clearly crossed that line.

Princess Celestia

I truly felt bad for Celestia here as she wanted to help Sunset Shimmer and she really tried to show Sunset the error of her ways but it was too late as Sunset was too far gone Man, Celestia has not had an easy life, first losing her sister and then losing her sister. Although there is one thing I don’t understand and the film doesn’t help in this matter either. It is clearly stated that Twilight became Celestia’s student not too long after she let Sunset Shimmer go but here in the comic, Sunset is shown to be a young mare. However, when Twilight started her studies, she was a little filly but in Canterlot High, they both look to be around the same age. My best guess is that is that the portal just happened to turn them into teenagers when in actuality, Sunset is older then Twilight.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, this was very good and a great look into the rift that formed between Sunset Shimmer and Princess Celestia. Now some people have complained that we shouldn’t have to read supplementary material to learn more about a character but I don’t really care as this was really good and yes, while this is a prequel, it did a good job of getting into the head of Sunset Shimmer. This is something that I highly suggest. Peace!

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