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I’ve been doing this for over three hundred and fifty blogs now, so at this point some very clear patterns about what I like to talk about in great detail. However there is also stuff that I don’t often talk about. So I decided to make a nice easy list to give my reasons why I don’t talk about certain stuff. So in no particular order…

Shakespeare: Now while I have talked about Shakespeare in the past, I’ll never dedicate a whole blog or series of blogs analysing his plays. I may use them as comparisons to other famous works, but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll talk about the plays themselves. For the record the plays I have studied are:

A Midsummer’s Night Dream;


King Lear;



Anthony and Cleopatra;

Much Ado About Nothing;

Twelfth Night;

All’s Well That Ends Well;

The Winter’s Tale;

The Tempest.

So out of the thirty-seven plays Shakespeare wrote I have a reasonable understanding of about eleven of them (thirteen if you count Titus Andronicus and Romeo and Juliet). So roughly a third of his plays. So if I’ve studied them so much why won’t I talk about them? Well honestly it’s because there is simply nothing left to be said about them at this point. Many, many books have been written about each play, every possible angle explored, to the point where there is literally nothing new to be said about the texts themselves. So while I could dedicate a month to looking at Shakespeare and his work… There are plenty of scholars out there that know more than me who’d do a better job.

Politics: Now what some of you may not know is that I’m not American. I’m a Kiwi living in New Zealand. So already my political climate is different to your political climate. But while I may one day write a “Top X characters who should be President” blog I’ll never talk about politics itself. Partly because I don’t know enough about politics to talk about it confidently… but mostly because I really don’t want to get into the flame wars that surround politics. As much as I like provoking controversy, there are some bears even I won’t poke.

Religion (other than Pop Culture Christianity): related to the above point, I’m unlikely to tackle any other religion besides pop culture Christianity due mostly to how serious people take it. As such it’s very unlikely I’ll ever do a blog on Muslim or Islam or the like. The one exception to this is Christianity, but even then I’m talking more about the pop culture version than the canonical version. In other words I’ll happily take a look at the broad outlines of Christianity and the mythology associated with it, but only the broadest sense that most filmmakers use. Likewise while I’ll occasionally tackle for want of a better word ‘extinct’ religions like the Greek, Roman and Norse mythology… once again there are people far better suited to it than me. I may use them as a broad comparison, but don’t expect me to go into much detail.

Music: It’s amazing how little I’ve talked about music in this blog since it’s a big part of popular culture. However while I know what I like and dislike when it comes to my musical preferences, I have little to no understanding on how music is actually composed and created. And although I’ve tried to learn a bit here and there at the end of the day I’m just not musically gifted. So while I could easily write blogs on my favourite songs and explain why they’re my favourite… I couldn’t discuss the technical details and make-up of them without revealing myself to be talking complete bull.

Current News/Social Issues: To me there’s a very clear line between pop culture news and real world news. Pop culture news is largely irrelevant, talking about some actor who got cast in something or some new property being released. Real world news is the likes of wars, crimes and other social problems. And while I’ve hovered near it in the past (the closest probably being my Kony blog which I disowned almost as quickly as I posted it) truth be told I don’t want this blog to be a soapbox about such sensitive issues. Especially since I’m a (relatively) rich white man, who by just existing is placed at the top of the ladder. Likewise the times I have tried to talk about it in the past have either resulted in me writing a fairly terrible blog or just admitting that I can’t have an opinion on this since it doesn’t affect me. Add to that while I do like voicing my opinion and getting on my soapbox I’d rather not have my blog associated with it. My blog is about pop culture, not the current climate. So those big issues are a no-no to me unless there’s something I really want to talk about.

Cultures other than Western Pop Culture: This ties back into the religion thing I mentioned earlier. I say in my tagline that “I over-analyse a certain section of pop culture” and, well… this is that certain section. While I can talk about Eastern/Non-Western products, I can only do so if they’ve had an impact on Western pop culture. While I have travelled the world and been to four continents and about twelve or thirteen countries, I can’t make definitive claims about them. I am very much influenced by my surroundings and, being someone in New Zealand, the primary influence is Western Pop Culture in its many forms. So while I can branch out every now and then to talk about other stuff, the chances of me doing it are slim to none. I’d rather not talk about something I know little about.

So there you have it. My look at exactly what the ‘certain section of pop culture’ actually entails. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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