It sounds out of the norm, that it would never happen, yet it might.
Going down and towards that room.
Where in the distance howls could be heard, as they right by the ears.
Should the feet be bare who wear to draw them?
Think wisely!
Has the floor buffed as of late?
If it has, the wants of dirt, dust, fur, and lice is needed . . . and quick!
Was that the wails of canines . . . or just a dream?
No wait, does it live in the dream or it real.
Would turning on the lights and seeing the clear be all that easy?
Maybe . . . maybe . . . yes?
No wait, no!
Can’t chance it.
Going to that room now would be a mistake.
To the far side it may be.
There it is.
Across the ways.
To be a dream or to not be a fact, what is to come?
Travel near and die fruitless over and over, until, finally slipping?
No, it can’t be that bad.
Just slip in, grab something, and run like the whores of nights would.
Go in, go, go, and go!
Factual dreams it is all it is.
Yet, it could.
All that simple, as just walking through an open door.





Fear of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newly waxed floor

Main look of the fear can be found in Gary Larson‘s The Far Side; though in due of finding if this fear can be real or not, has yet come into understanding on a larger scale

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