Hippity Hoppity, Happy Halloween

Hello & welcome back to the Halloween celebration here on A Look at Disney and today, we are doing our first of three Haunting Shorts Showcases, Donald’s Halloween Scare. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The Plot

Huey, Dewey, & Louie are out trick or treating and getting some fun scares from the adults and we see in one of my favorite jokes that Goofy doesn’t get Halloween and is dressed as the Easter Bunny.

The boys have one last house to go to, their Uncle Donald’s but instead of giving them candy, he scares them out of their candy dressed up as a maniac that looks like it was inspired by both Jason Voorhees and the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer. The boys decide to get their revenge after seeing Uncle Donald eating their candy.

The boys decide to get their revenge on Uncle Donald by putting glue on the hockey mask and hook that he was using for his costume and then come to his house dressed as Chief O’Hara. Nice to see an obscure Disney character referenced and this led through a chase with Donald getting scared by everyone else and people claiming that he’s the killer.

This leads to a chase in a graveyard, where Donald falls into a plot and the boys scare him by acting like zombies and Donald promises them that he’ll get all their candy back. And they start with Goofy’s house, who gives them a scare as it looks like he has a hook but it’s actually a candy cane as he had dressed up as Santa Claus. All in all, this was a fun short that in some respect that felt like an updated version of the 1952 short of Trick or Treat sans Witch Hazel.


Donald Duck voiced by Tony Anselmo

Donald was a lot of fun and it was fun seeing him get his scare that he so deserved after scaring his nephews out of their candy. It was pretty fun watching him get the scare and the boys got the aid of the other adults in scaring Donald was a lot of fun.

Huey, Dewey, & Louie also voiced by Tony Anselmo

Huey, Dewey, & Louie were a lot of fun to watch this short and it continued the tradition of Donald Vs. Nephews quite well with these 4 characters. If I’m to be honest though, my favorite moment probably came from when Goofy gave them Easter Eggs. Their reaction there was just priceless.

They just have a look of “Does Goofy know Halloween?”

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this was quite an enjoyable Halloween short. A lot of fun and continues the tradition of pitting Donald against his nephews and works very well in that regard. Join me tomorrow as I take a look at songs sung by…



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