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When Parkland turn the corner she began to wonder how long her uncle was gonna yelled at her before grounding her until she turn 18. She also was wondering how long it would take for her to zone out of her uncle because after what she had wnet throw today the only thing she was inserted in was go to her room and stay there for the rest for the day. However none of that happen for the moment she stood at the fort of her uncle’s house is when she saw her grandmother setting on the steps and smile britly once she saw parkland heading towards her.

“I was wonder when you was going to pop up again.”

“Granma,” Parkland said happily while sitting down next to her. “Why are you doing; you sitting here?”

“Waiting for you , silly,” Her grandmother said while kissing her on the cheek and holding her by the shoulder. “The way you storm out of her and not answering your phone, of cost am going wait for you come home.

“Hum,” sad Parkland said in a low yet cold tone, “is my Uncle home? Is he made?

“As made as you can expect him,” Parkland grandmother said while staring at the sky and sating back at her granddaughter.”

“So I gest I better head in and get this over with.”

“What are you talking about?” Parkland grandmother asked, while looking confuse.

“-My punishment for storming out of the”-

“Your Uncle and I are not gonna to punish you. Everyone is just concern. For you. I was concern for you. Thy way you look when you walk out that door—I was afraid that something bad might have happen you if you head was not on striate.”

“I fine now, Grandma,”

“No it’ not honey, it not even close.” This was supposed to be a vacation for you and your brother. Yet it turns out to be the total opponent.

“But that’s not your fault, Grandma. Things just happen.”
“I’m not to sure about that, Rose. The fact that you never knew of my conduction, the storm and what happen to your you and your brother.”

“-But you had no control over throw thing”-

“- I had control to tell you about my heart condition. Even when you were here I should had sat down with you and told you right way instead of keeping quite.”

Parkland was at lost for word. All this time Parkland, and her brother wanted to know why her grandmother never brother to speak to them for three years and now it seem selfish asks let alone letting her grandmother tell her the most horrific thing that has happen to her.


“No, Rose, you ust sit here. Sit here and let me say what I have to say because it is important, both for me and for you.”

Parkland was about to open her mouth to say something but simply noded while rest you head on her grandmother’s lap.

“Yes,” her grandmother said in a soft tone while rubbing her hand on her granddaughter’s head. “Your grandma had gone throw a lot and to be honest I did n ot think I would ever see you again. But the Lord had been looking out for me. Insuring me that everything is gonna be alright.

‘you sure it was God who was looking after you?” Parkland said in a low tone and before wishing she have not said on account that her grandmother was very religious.

But her grandmother saw even angry in fact she the responds she had given mad Parkland feel that she was expecting that question to pop out of her mouth. “You must have met one of god’s guardian angels.”

“You mean the man in red,” Parkland ask while lifting her head. “that what we wanted to tell me that you had seen him and that I was not losing my mine.”

“Yes,” Parkland Grandmother said while smiling bright at her.”
“Grandma,” Parkland said softly as whe look up at her grandmother, “I wnet what to your house and ran into Rick, and he told me that the man in red is the reason you are still with us. Is that true?”

When Parkland ask her grandmothers hat question she’d close her eyes, let out a soft sigh and held her granddaughter more closely to her.

“It happens just six week after I had moved down here. I was just finish un packing my things as well as making sure all my mail as well my driver’s lenses permits and god know what other things I had was send and had the right address. It was a very busy six week, honey; I came here to get away from work and yet I end up doing more work with in throws six week than I did in ten years.”

“Hum, Parkland moan softly while rusting her head on her grandmother’s lab.
“On that day I remember going the super market and talking to your mother before treading to some flower in the back yard. Very thing happen so fast after that. One minute while removing some of the weed I felt some tingling in for arm and the next. I had found myself face down on the ground.”

“I,” Parkland’s grandmother had to puse brefthly to collect herself before she continued. “-I was unable to yell out for help. and worse I was unable to move. And with the sharp pains coming from my chest, I know it was just a matter of time before my attack killed me. in fact it should had killed me if it wasn’t for him.

She stop for a breath moment before she continuing speaking with her eyes close and cling to parkland shoulder more formally than before.

“It was satang. One minute I just close my eyes; preparing for my mighy lord to take me when a light had swallowed me; and filling me up with hope. I open my eyes and saw a man sting right above me, just looking at me with his sad eyes. I was in shock. And yet relief he was there. I tried to talk only he would not let me. he simple keen down next to me and place his cold hands on my forehead saying, “don’t worry everything is going to be okay don’t worry,” but it as spoken not thought his lips but in my own head was we stared at each other as the light. That’s when I started to realize that the pain was gone and my breath was returning to normal. It was at that moment I know I was not dealing with an onainairy man.

He looked over his shoulder and out of the corner of my eyes I notice my neighbor, Mr. Ricky Reverairo was looking down on use in shock before he disappeared from view.

“See,” the man had said to me in my mine, “everything is good.

I believe him. And while smile at me I just close me eyes, thinking God for sending me one of his angels to my aid. When I open them I realize that the light round him was glowing bigger ot the point I could see the man at all. And once the light had dematiealize I found myself staring at rick face who was doing everything to help me. Rick called 911 and had stay by my side all the way to the hospital. He even called you mother who got on the frist plain to be by my side. Yet throw out the who ordeal I was more worried about the man who had save my life. I had also found out that Rick too had seen that man thorught the window and had thought he was apreson who was trying to break in and had attack me. you shoukd had seen the look in his face when he’d lean it was just the oppent.

“I told me,” said Parkland, “Parkland you can’t expected me to believe that a gost came to you and-

“I don’t expect you to believe, Rose,” Parkland’s grandmother interrupted her,” but I know what I saw and I he was not human at less not anymore. I also know you had a similar experience with him as do many of the people lving in this Island. And I am guest you lift the house looking for answer.”

“As if I gotten any,” Parkland said rather bitter as she staired hard onn the ground.

“Don’t feel bad, Rose, it one of throw things that does not have a answer.”

“But grandma there got to some kind of expiration. I mean come on there is no such thing as ghost. And that man was as real as you and me. You can’t tell me that he was nothing more than a sprit who show up whenever trouble draw near. I just can’t buy that,” Parkland said as rose up and look at her grandmother face to face. “And you shouldn’t ether. I am glad he had save you and all, grandma but he was real he had to be.”


“Excuse me?” Parkland said for she was really taken buy her grandmothers question.

‘Why must he be real? Why is that so important too you that he is not a sprit and nothing more?” Come on, Rose, I raise just as much as you mother did and I know you too well that would wouldn’t be running all over this Island. looking for fact about the man in red unless you was trying to prove something about his organ.”

“can you blame me?” Parkland reply, with every crazy thing happen around here; to me and to my little brother I need some answerer as to what the hell was going to as well as put an end of to this man in red nonce. Yet I didn’t and all I am lift with at end of the day is—is

“-Defeat,” her grandmother said while staring deeply at Parkland. Her eyes mad contact with her.” You don’t like to be wrong not to mention how over protective you can get sometime and how you hate to look weak in every situation that come knocking at your door. That and the fact you hardly trust anyone I say that pretty much sums up you.”


“-Am I’m wrong?”

Parkland did not reply for what her grandmother had said were true. In fact she was always like this ever scene she was seven. She had her reason of course. But it had keep her and the once close to her safe. Yes she could came off as cold; even heartless at time. But the world is cold and overcome that coldness she had learn at a very young age you must be tougher and smarter in order to savvied.

“Try to understand, Rose, there are many thing out there that simply do not have an answer, no matter how hard we try to look for it simply isn’t one to be found, as for the man in red; well I put it sum it up like this. When you think of ghost you think of hunting. You think of thing scaring the daylights of people, weather at home or in some place where tragedies had occurred. But this one hunts with a purpose. And that is the protection the people who live in this Island it’s but if you take the time to think about if you love the this places as much in you pass life than it is only fitting that you do whatever it take to protect the citizens in your pass lift.
Parkland just rolled her eyes but thought long and hard about what she had said about not being a definitive answerer to the a question one may have been seeking, and although she had never found about the true identity of the man in red the thing she had found out, or in her cast experiences Parkland had already decided it was beast to live things as it is.

Note: so sorry foe posting this late. lot of thing is going on in my life add with work i did not have to time to get this up. anyway there only one isssued lift and it will not take a mouth for it to get out. again sorry.

By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer  T-Kun U.W.S.III

2014 Manic

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