Wild up our spirit vine tree blanket garden
Some said mountain harmony relax only there can see over no pure nature
Long deep between rose or grass for say thick thrive world
Wander off light season peace
On murmur night ask full frost follow this summer bird dawn
Above lonely quiet rain soon do ancient rustle gentle grow
Wither breeze resting cold dusky wind softly prairie through earthy life
Let a seed blossom if a daffodil will live



Summary: A while back, a funeral took place. A lost struck hard in the family. Yet, where it took place, of where the person wished to lay rest, understood fully why. That even in death, there is goodness for the sight to see. He may be lost but not forgotten. R.I.P. Big “Dassy” M. You’ll be missed as the uncle that cared the most, thank you. (I didn’t know this would fit anything, until it happen, the words couldn’t be anymore true)

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