Maleficent babe, I’m going to show you A Whole New Underworld

Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, we head on down to the House of Mouse to take a look at one of the many House of Mouse Halloween episodes. It was tough choosing which one to review and I may have picked the least Halloween centric episode but there is one reason I chose this episode.

This image, Hades dressed as Mickey Mouse. That one sight gag just sold me on reviewing the episode.

The Plot

It’s Halloween at the House of Mouse and Hades is there is getting disgusted by all of the romantic couples with their Happy Ever After’s but he is soon twitterpated by the sight of Maleficent and makes a move on her but it doesn’t end well as Maleficent bonks him on the head.

Mickey suggests that maybe if Hades were nicer, things would go better for him. And he demonstrates this by being nice to Maleficent and things seem to go well. And Hades decides to let Mickey teach him to be nicer.

Which leads to this great image.

Seriously, this image made the entire episode for me. I got the biggest laugh out of this. Because it’s just so absurd and ridiculous and as you can imagine Mickey’s Nice Guy Makeover for Hades doesn’t work as Maleficent loathes nice and this sends Hades chasing Mickey through the club and declares that he’s going to turn Mickey into a roasted mouse. Apparently, Maleficent likes roasted mouse and this gets Hades on Maleficent’s bad side and they share a date. The pairing of Maleficent and Hades is just so random and absurd that it works so well. They play so well off each other that you don’t think that it would work but it was just so funny. And hey, Disney beat shippers to shipping on this. Also, there was a minor subplot with Donald trying to scare the guests but it ended backfiring and he tried to scare Hades at the end, who was left offended by this and Donald running.


Hades voiced by James Woods

Hades was a lot of fun in this episode and that image is just such a great contrast between his personality and what he isn’t. Hades is anything but nice and trying to turn him into a nice guy is something that will never work. And I’m sorry, I just can’t over the image of Hades dressed as Mickey Mouse. That is the funniest thing that I’ve seen from House o Mouse.

Mickey Mouse voiced by Wayne Allwine

Again, the contrast of Mickey and Hades worked so well because here you have the Lord of the Underworld, a guy full of hate and rage trying to learn to be nice and being taught by one of the nicest Disney characters ever and of course, it backfired but we will forever have this glorious image.

Yeah, I’m getting a lot of mileage out of that.

Maleficent voiced by Lois Nettleton

Maleficent was really nothing more than Hades’ object of affection and I would love to see a follow up date between the two. Personally, I don’t think it’ll last. I’ll give Lois Nettleton credit as her voice for Maleficent was spot-on as Maleficent sounded like, she just stepped out of the movie.

My Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, I only reviewed this episode because of the image of Hades dressed as Mickey Mouse. That’s a great moment in of itself and as for the episode, it’s all right. Probably not one of the best House of Mouse episodes but it’s a lot of fun. Join me tomorrow as we take a look at…

Donald’s Halloween Scare

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